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English Heritage claims copyright on Stonehenge

English Heritage managed to spark controversy this week by sending out letters to stock photo services claiming to own copyright of Stonehenge.

The outfit which appropriates all the best bits of England then charges us Englishmen to get in and see them has been pointing out to photo libraries and owners of image banks that it owns Stonehenge so it should get a cut of any sales made of a picture of the iconic stones.

The fotoLibra photo library posted a letter it had received from English Heritage on its blog.

In it the organisation says that it, and only it has the right to use images of the six thousand year-old monument for commercial purposes.

"Please be aware that any images of Stonehenge can not be used for any commercial interest," it wrote. "All commercial interest to sell images must be directed to English Heritage."

The blogger wonders if there can be "any law that states that it is illegal to use images of Stonehenge for any commercial interest?"

Asks: "If an image of Stonehenge is so used, how could they possibly police the usage?" he had a a quick browse through a number of rights-managed and royalty-free online picture libraries and came up with list of half a dozen picture libraries owning hundreds of picture of Stonehenge.

Which is a good place for English Heritage to start.

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