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Intel Chief River platform launch leaked

Intel has leaked some scant details about its upcoming Ivy Bridge-based laptop platform, dubbed Chief River - and it is slated to include support for USB 3.0.

The new platform, which is based around the company's upcoming Ivy Bridge 22nm-class processors, has been outed by industry rumour mill DigiTimes as due for launch in January 2012, although hardware partners are being advised to gear up for mass production in September 2011 to prepare for demand.

The platform is said to include native support for the USB 3.0 bus, an admission from Intel that its much-vaunted Light Peak technology won't be ready to take the connectivity crown from the next-generation release of the ubiquitous standard just yet.

Sadly, additional details are hard to come by, but a move to a 22nm process size will bring several advantages, not least of which will be a not-inconsiderable boost in performance while driving down the power draw and heat output of the chipset - a big win for the laptop market.

The Chief River platform will form the replacement to the company's next-generation Huron River, due to launch early next year with several manufacturers expected to showcase products based around the platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

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