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Lenovo preps lePad for 2011

Chinese computer maker Lenovo will launch its lePad 'tablet' machine early in 2011, Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing said today.

The gadget was expected this year but has been fiddled and tweaked with a bit on the drawing board and now looks certain to run Android rather than any other bloated OS.

Lenovo seems to quite like Gurgled OSes and CEO Yang told the Wall St Journal that his outfit is considering using Chrome for future devices. Lenovo is big on laptops, having bought the ThinkPad name from IBM some time ago.

Lenovo is in fact the world's fourth-most-voluminous PC maker, behind HP, Dell and Acer but will become the world's biggest at some point Yang told the Journal. It has the biggest potential market on its doorstep after all. Yang hinted it would cut margin to gain market share in developing markets.

The LePad is unlikely to be cut price however, although Yang wouldn't be drawn on pricing.

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