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Twitter users show support for convicted joker

Twitter users have been showing solidarity with Paul Chambers, the man convicted of making a joke on the short message service.

Chambers, a 27-year-old accountant was famously miffed at the fact his local airport was closed. "Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!!" he twittered. The 'joke' cost him a Ј1,000 fine and Ј2000 costs, after his appeal was dismissed yesterday.

Presiding Judge, the obviously-not-very-ordinary Jacqueline Davies described Chambers tweet as: "menacing in its content and obviously so. It could not be more clear. Any ordinary person reading this would see it in that way and be alarmed".

But less-extraordinary fellow twitterers have been posting similar messages to Chambers' missive on the site under the hashtag #IAmSpartacus.

A DrSamuelJohnson wrote, for example: "Ordure! Robin Hood's Port is clos'd! Seven Days hence I shall run you through with a PIKESTAFF!"

Other have simply retweeted Cambers' original missive while some are whiffling on uselessly having jumped on the bandwagon.

Comedian daraobriain wrote: Robin Hood! All your base are belong to us! Somebody set up us the Bomb!

The campaign was started by @christt, who tweeted: "I think we should all tweet Paul Chambers' original joke, Spartacus style. Thousands of us. Would that work? #twitterjoketrial"

Queen of Twitter Stephen Fry has offered, to pay Chambers's fine.

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