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Tumblr downed by 4chan as teen war rages

Social bookmarking blog Tumblr was taken down by hackers on Monday as part of an escalating tit-for-tat dispute with rival teen site 4chan.

Tumblr users had planned to launch their own denial of service attack, dubbed 'Operation Overkitten', against 4Chan at 17:00 Eastern Standard Time, in response to the threatened 'Operation Overlord' attack by 4chan users.

Operation organisers on the whimsical micro-blogging site called on fellow users to bombard the rowdy image message board with "Kittens. Lots and lots of kittens".

Tumblr users allegedly downed 4chan on Sunday in response to a threat by posters on the site's /b/ forum, though comments we've received claim the site was down for routine maintenance at the time.

Today, 4chan members organised a denial of service attack against Tumblr using 'Low Orbit Ion Cannon' (LOIC) packet-flooding software previously used by hacking group Anonymous to bring down the websites of the RIAA and UK-based anti-piracy lawyers ACS Law and Gallant Macmillan.

The attack brought Tumblr down for some time on Monday afternoon, but as of 17:00 BST the site appears to be up and running again - though we're sure this won't be the last we'll hear of this dispute.

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