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Fitwatch back up after Met police ban

UPDATE, 14:39 GMT, 17/11/2010: The organisers of Fitwatch got back to THINQ with the following statement:

"We're very pleased to have the site back up and running again - at least when it propagates totally! I can't really go into any details about the new site, other than it is on a secure server and we've been told it will be very difficult for the police to take it down again. We have enormous gratitude to all the people who have both offered to help and helped getting the site sorted.

We have been talking about possible legal action with Jules Carey at Tuckers Solicitors in London, but no decisions have been taken yet."

Fitwatch, the UK website taken down by the Metropolitan Police on Monday after posting advice for student protestors on evading capture by the force after last week's Millbank demo, is back up.

The site announced its return with a triumphant message on its home page:

"We're back! Thanks to the metropolitan police for giving us such huge publicity and making us even stronger. See you on the streets!"

The site, which still retains its original domain name,, says it has returned "with a secure server, massive coverage and a clear message that we're here to stay."

THINQ hasn't yet heard back from a request for info from the site's organisers, but it appears from our research that the site is now being hosted in the US by 'alternative' co-operative ISP May First.

The move takes the site outside the threat of takedown requests from the Boys in Blue, but it could see the police requesting a takedown order in the US under the country's Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Other countermeasures could include a heavy-handed attempt to seize the site's domain, which is registered in the UK via registrar Nominet - though we can't quite see what grounds they'd use to try it. Maybe the broad strokes of the disastrously loosely defined Digital Economy Act...

In the event that disaster strikes and the domain name goes walkabouts, you can still visit the website using its new IP address,

We'll keep you posted on developments.

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