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iOS4.2 to get MIDI support

Apple devices powered by iOS4 will get full Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) support when the OS is bumped next month.

According to the website Create Digital Music, the 25-year-old standard, which allows digital instruments and controllers to talk to each other, will operate over USB using the camera connection kit or WiFi, and will use MIDI's full instruction set allowing iPads, iPhones and their ilk to act as either digital keyboards or sound sources.

Apparently the new functionality is the subject of Apple's cast-iron developer NDA which is why no-one is talking about it, but it will behave in the exact same way as the current Core MIDI frameworks used by the company's grown-up computers.

As most of the THINQ staff are frustrated musicians, we'll be watching this one very closely but, in the meantime check out the info and videos here.

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