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New MacBook Pros and iMacs coming soon - report

New MacBook Pro and iMac machines could be coming out in the first half of 2011, if Taiwanese news source Digitimes knows its onions.

The wire reports that "upstream component makers" have been spilling all sort of beans about Apple's upcoming refresh plans. Woe betide the blabbermouths if Steve jobs get a hold of them.

According to the far eastern leakage, Apple plans to launch at least four upgraded MacBook Pros in the first half of 2011. A low-priced iMac with a new-to-Apple screen size could also be on the cards.

The refreshed MacBook Pros will have a tweaked chassis design and run the upcoming iOS Lion, the sources whispered

Apple snoops looking for the source of the leaks will be sniffing around Taiwanese outfits Quanta Computer, Foxconn Electronics and Quanta who all have a hand in building Apple-badged kit.

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