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Feeding frenzy over Novell patents begins

Written by Paul Hales on 17 December, 2010 жж

A feeding frenzy has begun among technology firms sniffing around patents owned by recently-acquired one-time networking giant Novell.

Microsoft seems to have gathered a bunch of cronies together in the carve-up of some 882 patents owned by Novell. The assembled posse includes Apple, Oracle and EMC, which goes to show that rivals can buddy up wihen the pickings are rich enough.

Novell was bought up by Attachmate last month, for some around $2.2ж billion, a purchase price made possible by the flogging-off of the patents to an outfit named CPTN Holdings LLC for $450 million. This company says it is, "a consortium of technology companies organised by Microsoft."

Novell developed into a company specialising in open-source software. Whatever the patents actually cover is unclear at this time, but we'd bet our bottom florin at that once they're divvied up between Microsoft and its chums, lawyers will the trawling through the fine print to see who they can fire off infringement law suits at.

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