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Bank of America buys up abusive domain names

Bank of America has been buying up domain names in anticipation of damaging revelations expected to be delivered by WikiLeaks.

The bank as been buying potentially abusive domain names, so that mischief makers won't be able to get their hands on them after the WikiLeaks bomb drops. While the rest of us don't yet know what the Wikicables contain, the bank is very aware of what it's been up to and, in a defensive measure, has been buying up domains containing the names of its board members with the word 'sucks' or 'blows' added to the end.

The bank's CEO is Brian Moynihan, so the bank is now the proud owner ofж,,, andж

Domain Name Wire counted "hundreds of such domain name registrations on 17 December alone" as the bank went on the offensive.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told The Times that WikiLeaks' revelations are likely to bring down the management of at least one major bank.

For those that are interested, we notice that is still available.

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