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Pakistani court dismisses WikiLeaks ban

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan has dismissed a petition to ban WikiLeaks from the Internet in that country.

The court case, which was brought by a chap called Arif Gondal, sought to have the whistle-blowing site blocked to Pakistani Internet users because the leak of hundreds of thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables threatened to destabilise the relationship between Pakistan and some of its friendlier neighbours.

Gondal said that the leaks of secret information, in which diplomats and embassy staff from various nations have been rather unpleasant about their contemporaries, was a conspiracy to create a rift between Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim and Western countries.

Showing a rare spark of sanity when it comes to the furore surrounding the Cablegate leaks, the Lahore High Court's Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed dismissed the petition, calling it "non-maintainable" according to local TV reports.

"We must bear the truth, no matter how harmful it is," he said.