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Open source office software upgraded

Microsoft-bating open source software maker has announced the latest release of its 'anything you can do we can do cheaper' suite of office productivity tools. 3.2, as it is officially known has dozens of new features but 'faster' and 'more compatible' seem to be the keywords here.

Calc and Writer (that's Excel and Word to the Microsoft monkeys) cold start up to 46 per cent faster than version 3.0 which was released a year ago.

The new version also plays nicely with the Open Document Format (ODF) which also means it will play nicer with Microsoft's proprietary file formats, including those with password protection.

3.2 now has support for Postscript OpenType fonts.

There's a long list of fixes an improvements here, but general rule of thumb with these upgrades is that each one makes Open Office just a little bit more like Microsoft Office. Except for the price, of course, because it's free.