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Intel denies cold feet over WiMAX

Intel has denied that the trashing of its internal WiMAX group means that it is going luke-warm on the wireless technology.

Certainly not, a spokeschipper said, assuring us that Intel's committment to WiMAX is unchanged. It's just had a little internal reorganisation.

In a statement to THINQ through a PR this morning, the firm said: "The reorganisation of the WPO does not represent a change in our commitment to WiMAX. IntelНs WiMAX efforts continue as planned, and we are excited for the growth ahead with WiMAX in 2010 and 2011 where millions of WiMAX clients will make their way into the hands of end users.

"The change is aimed at putting WiMAX-focused resources and expertise within the product teams that can best commercialise WiMAX as it becomes a mature wireless technology.ж

"Organisational transitions such as this are a normal process that takes place as new technologies mature and become a standard part of existing computing platforms. This is the case for WiMAX," the firm insisted.

No doubt Intel has been keen to communicate this message to Taiwan's vice economic minister Huang Jung-chiou whom Digitimes persuaded that Intel was ready to dump WiMAX.

Intel said: "Digitimes called us to ask about what they'd heard from "sources" and we told them just this - but somehow the truth wasn't allowed to get in the way of a good story."