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Nvidia gives in to Rambus' demands

After reluctantly taking a pummellingжin its patent dispute with Rambus last month, Nvidia has now given in to the memory maker's demands and signed a patent licence agreement.ж

According to Rambus, the deal relates specifically to memory controllers, and will see the injured GPU makerжpaying royalties to Rambus for each relevant product. In the case of old-school SDR memory controllers, Nvidia will have to hand over a one per cent royalty to Rambus.

However, Nvidia will have to part with a two per cent royalty in the case of all its other patent-infringing devices. These include controllers for DDR, DDR2, DDR2, GDDR2, GDDR3 and GDDR4 memory, as well as parts of Nvidia's GDDR5 controllers for Fermi cards.

Just to rub a bit more salt into Nvidia's wounded pride, Rambus also added that "Nvidia has granted no licences to Rambus."

The agreement went into effect yesterday, and follows a lengthy dispute between the two companies. Rambus started off the legal scuffle after accusing Nvidia of infringing nine of its patents. However, six of these were later thrown out during the proceedings.

Nvidia has yet to comment on the deal, but it's fair to say the signing of the agreement probably doesn't mark the end of this rumble. Rambus states that both companies "have not signed any releases of liability, nor dismissed any outstanding litigation between them."

You can see a sample of the memory controller licence agreement here.