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Duke Nukem Forever gets one last delay

Duke Nukem Forever, the game that turned into the industry's longest running joke as it entered development hell, has encountered one 'last' delay to its launch.The first-person shooter, which mixes explosive combat with politically incorrect content under the aegis of a blonde misogynistic hulk of a man, was thought abandoned by its creators many times during its ridiculous 14-year development cycle. Current developer Gearbox Software told fans not to worry, however, and promised to finish its development and deliver something that would be worth the wait.The title was originally developed by 3D Realms, which announced the project in 1997. Delays and engine rewrites conspired against it, however, and it was passed over to Triptych Games and Gearbox Software in 2009, with multiplayer components provided by Piranha Games.In an announcement today, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford surprised nobody with the news that the project has suffered a one more last-minute slip, moving from a 6th of May release date in the UK to the 10th of June - for reasons that have yet to be shared.While the delay will be a bitter disappointment for those who have waited since the 90s for the title, there is one small consolation: while the original launch dates saw US gamers get their hands on the game three days early, the new schedule has the international launch four days earlier.

Pitchford's announcement, which was carried out in typical Gearbox style, can be seen in the below video.

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