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Mac App Store apps already hacked

The Mac App Store has only been open for 24 hours but methods for circumventing Apple's DRM are already hitting the Web.

Appinsect is offering a tutorial on how to fool your Mac into thinking you have coughed up cash for at least one Mac App Store title, the infuriatingly addictive Angry birds, even going so far as to offer a dodgy download link to the DMG (disk image) package and a video tutorial for "clowns" who need further help.

The workaround involves lifting a file from within the package contents of a legitimate free app, in this case Twitter, and grafting it into the stolen software's own package.

Apart from the fact that you are probably opening yourself up to all sorts of undesirable malware if you do elect to rob Mac developers of their income (by downloading Apps from unofficial sources), as it transpires very few titles we have seen are susceptible to the hack.

Most developers have followed Apple's guidelines when it comes code validation and its only those apps which have ignored the advice, or implemented the checking routines incorrectly, which are open to abuse. Quite why Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile made such a hash of it is a mystery to us.

It's early days for Apple's Mac App Store, having rushed to get 1,000 titles up and running in a little over 90 days, but we're pretty sure that installing proper code validation will quickly become part of the app approval process.

Developers looking for advice on how to avoid falling into this particular hack trap might like to take a look here.

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