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MacBook Air to get Sandy Bridge update in June

Apple is planning to bring Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture to the MacBook Air range by June 2011, according to a reported rumour.

The latest Intel processor, which has been plagued by a self-destructing SATA controller in one of the CPU's accompanying chipsets, will replace the current Core2 Duo which has had nothing more than a couple of minor speed bumps for the last three years, according to a CNet source.

We can't help but wonder if Apple hasn't done a deal for a job lot of slightly broken Cougar Point silicon which would fit into the MacBook Air platform quite nicely - especially if it can grab them on the cheap.

The chips in question have an unreliable 3Gb/s SATA controller which will degrade over time, but there's nothing wrong with the 6Gb/s controller. As both models in the current MacBook Air range have a single hard drive and no optical drive, this wouldn't be an issue.

As much as it's nice to think that Apple might be digging around in Intel's reject bins, such is the demand for the Sandy Bridge chips that a number of OEMs are happy to keep using the broken B2 revision alongside their own discrete SATA controllers until the recently announced B3 supply starts meeting demand.

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