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MySpace Music president Courtney Holt steps down

It is truly is the beginning of the end for, as Music president Courtney Holt is leaving the company. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. confirmed the social network up for sale earlier this month. Now it can be sold headless.

Sources told All Things Digital that Holt hasn't even secured another job yet, but he recently turned down a position at Spotify as chief operating officer, making it look likely that he could wind up moving across the pond. Spotify contacted us earlier today and said in no uncertain terms that "there is absolutely zero truth to this claim."

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service that has went from a loss of 4.4 million in 2008 to a recent 2011 one billion dollar valuation. Spotify is also planning on launching its streaming service in the United States, but, in 2010, pushed the plans back until 2011.ж

Holt joined the MySpace team two years ago after working at Interscope Records and being vice-president of MTV's digital music division. MySpace CEO Mike Jones is taking over the vacant role.ж

Once Facebook became dominant in the War of the Social Networks, MySpace quickly shifted its focus to its music and entertainment divisions, where the two still held ground. News Corp. just recently redesigned and rebranded MySpace, My____ stylized, at a cost of 275 million dollars.

Holt did accept an "advisor" position for MySpace, like the one that given to Jason Hirschhorn when he stepped down from his role as co-president last year. This will likely give him a little bit of time to weigh his decisions on whether or not he will go after that Spotify job or head to a place like Apple or Google.жж

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