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Apple and Victoria's Secret sued over one click

Apple and Victoria's Secret are just two of 397 companies being sued over a one-click checkout patent.

According to the Foss Patents blog, the legal action has been instigated by an outfit called Cordance, which may or may not have set up a company called Efficient Online Purchasing LLC in order to have the matter tried in Delaware district court.

Cordance is no stranger to patent litigation having taken on the mighty Amazon back in 2006, a case which the book-seller won in a jury verdict.

A 130-page legal document produced by Cordance relates to a patent which was filed in 2002 and maintains that hundreds of companies - including Mac maker Apple, the aforementioned sexy pants merchant Victoria's Secret and Internet-based garage sale eBay - have all at some point stolen its exclusive patent for one-click on-line purchases.

I'm getting down to the patent office tomorrow to exclusively register the rights to 'sniffing' and 'blowing your nose' as a means of 'alleviating nasal congestion'. You'll either have to walk around all day covered in snot or pay me a fat fee every time you have a good old honk.

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