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Nintendo next-gen controllers leak out

Over the past few days, Nintendo rumours have been floating all over the Web, everything from "Project Cafe" pricing details to images of its pretty sweet looking controller.

IGN reports,that Nintendo is planning on using "Stream" as the official name for "Project Cafe", and images of a "Screen Stream" controller have popped on various Internet forums and websites.


The controller, which will probably work in sync with the Nintendo console to provide extra elements and even stream full games, looks very similar to a Xbox 360 controller with joysticks on the left and right, a button layout mimicing the 360's, and a screen that looks to be around four inches diagonally.ж

Sources also confirmed to IGN that the "Stream" console will have a retail price between $350 to $400, a sum higher than previously reported. The console will ship from Foxconn in October, so we should see the console's release in time for Christmas 2011.ж

The "Project Cafe" / "Stream" console will be based on an updated AMD R700 GPU architecture, which should out perform both the Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. The console's CPU will be a custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset, like the one in Microsoft's Xbox, but the clocking speeds will be faster.

Another headline grabber is the fact the console is expected to support stereoscopic 3D and (more than likely) support 1080p high-definition video output. The coolest confirmation is that the console design will resemble a "modernized version" of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

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