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YouTube adds creative commons button for mashups

Online video site YouTube is adding Creative Commons option to video uploads which will allow users to choose to license their content for others to fiddle with.

The option essentially gives other users permission to use uploaded footage to create further content, provided they include a link back to the source.

While there are half a dozen different Creative Common licenses possible, YouTube is offering one which requires attribution but does not allow content to be used for commercial purposes. The commercialisation of the offerings remains YouTube's alone, of course, as parent company Google will stick ads all over the content..

According to YouTube, "Creative Commons provides a simple way to grant and use copyright permissions to creative works. You can now access an ever-expanding library of Creative Commons videos to edit and incorporate into your own projects. To find a video, just search in the YouTube search bar or from within the YouTube Video Editor. We're working with organizations like C-SPAN,, Voice of America, Al Jazeera and others, so that over 10,000 Creative Commons videos are available for your creative use."

The Creative Commons library is accessible through YouTube Video Editor by clicking on the CC tab.

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