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LulzSec distances itself from Ryan Cleary

Hacking outfit LulzSec has been denying that the teenager arrested in Essex yesterday is anything to do with them.

As we reported yesterday, 19-year old Ryan Cleary was arrested for questioning in connection with offences under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act. The investigation was allegedly focused on the activities of LulzSec

LulzSec's initial response was to tweet: "Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested. It all over now. Wait, we're all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?"

A later tweet explicity denied Cleary was a part of the group

"Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that's it," they wrote.

"Clearly the UK police are so desperate to catch us that they've gone and arrested someone who is, at best, mildly associated with us. Lame."

Cleary's half-brother Mitchell, 22, told the Sun: "Ryan is obsessed with computers. He's a bit of a geek. That's all he does - he's a recluse. He locks himself in his room every day, closes the curtains and spends hours at a time online."

Meanhwhile, LulzSec outed two people it said were 'snitches' in a post on pastebin. There is no suggestion they 'snitched' on Cleary however.

Here's our very own James Nixon discussing the case on ITV News:

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