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Judge confiscates teenage burglar's Xbox

A teenage burglar has been ordered to hand over his beloved games console as part of his bail conditions.

The 13-year-old boy, who can't be named because of his age, was charged with a series of burglaries in County Down, Northern Ireland, and found himself up before the beak in a Belfast High Court, according to RTE News.

Although the boy has yet to be convicted, the judge asked him what was his most valued possession. Not the brightest button in the box, the teenage toe-rag admitted that he was rather attached to his Xbox which the judge promptly ordered to be confiscated until the case was over.

The judge said he thought deprived of the gadget would teach the wayward youth a lesson in how it felt having things he valued taken away from him.

What at first might seem like a suitable punishment doesn't really hold up when you consider that, rather than being lodged in his bedroom shooting his friends, he will now have more time on his hands which will doubtless be spent wandering the streets looking for houses which might harbour a shiny new games console for him to get his sticky fingers on.

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