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Eurocops carry out massive piracy bust

An international task force of police officers from Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands has carried out one of the biggest piracy busts in the history of the Internet.

Several addresses were raided throughout Europe and a number of admins from movie indexing site were hauled off after being arrested.

The site has been closed and contains a message in German which roughly translates as, "The site you have selected has been closed on suspicion of commercial and criminal copyright infringement. Several of the site's operators have been arrested. Internet users who illegally pirated or distributed copies of films may be subject to criminal prosecution."

Although Kino didn't actually host any illegal files on its own servers, it provided thousands of links to other sites, many of the them beyond the reach of European laws, which offered dodgy streams of Hollywood blockbusters. It was one of the 100 most visited web sites in several European countries.

The size of the international task force is not yet known but TorrentFreak reports that 250 officers form Germany alone took part in the raids on 20 premises. 13 people have been arrested and a 14th is being hunted down as we write.

The MPAA recently named Kino as one of the world's biggest enablers of copyright theft and estimated that it offered links to 300,000 TV shows and 66,000 movies.

The Dresden police at the heart of the ongoing investigation said the site was raking in millions of euros in advertising and other revenues from up to four million visitors per day. has often been linked to organised crime so the impending court cases should be interesting to say the least.

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