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London plod posts riot suspect pics on Flickr

Proving they're getting the hang of this technology lark, London police have begun posting up pictures of people they'd like to interview following riots and looting around the UK over the past few days.

The Metropolitan Plod say they have "many images of suspects" snapped in London and have released the first batch onto Flickr, flagging up the posting on their twitter feed.

The police say they kicked off an operation named 'Withern' to investigate "the serious disorder and violence that has been affecting parts of London".

The operation's priority is "to bring to justice to those who have committed violent and criminal acts," and it is aided in this by the use of CCTV cameras of which there are about three each per head of UK population.

"As the detailed and thorough investigation progresses we will be issuing photographs of suspects, like those of alleged looters we are releasing today (Tuesday 9 August)," the plod wrote. "These CCTV images are from incidents of looting in Croydon over last night and in Norwood Road SE27 in the early hours of this morning."

So, if you recognise any of the poor souls here who were daft enough to go looting without hoody, bandana or stocking over their head you can do your bit to apprehend them by telling you friendly local bobby who they are.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering what's going on here and why so many people are taking to the streets to vent their anger, you could do worse than read this piece here from the Guardian on the background to the riots, or have a look at this map that correlates the epicentres of the riots to areas of greatest deprivation.

While we're at it, it seems Londoners are getting out on the streets during daylight hours too - armed with brooms and mops to do damage to the accumulated evidence lying about the streets following a good night's looting.

The pics here are sure to warm the cockles of yer 'eart.

Who's the man in the Marigolds? Police would like to know.

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