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5G home broadband

Superfast broadband without lag

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
5G home broadband
Faster than fibre

Faster than fibre



Super low latency

Super low latency

5G home broadband

5G is finally available to homes in the UK’s main cities and is making its way to other smaller towns and popular hubs. Offering potentially cheaper, more convenient, and sometimes faster speeds than traditional fixed broadband connections, the introduction of 5G could be a game changer.

What is 5G broadband?

5G supersedes 4G as the ‘5th generation’ of mobile internet technology. It works in broadly the same way, but is faster. Much faster.

5G can be accessed using a compatible smartphone that holds a SIM subscribed to a 5G plan on a 5G network, or it can be accessed via a 5G broadband router which also holds a 5G SIM.

How is 5G broadband different from 4G broadband?

5G operates on different (higher) frequencies to 4G, which means, in short, that it's capable of delivering much faster connections.

Typically, real-world 4G connections average download speeds of around 25Mbps. 5G connections, on the other hand, can easily hit 150Mbps.

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Which providers offer the best 5G home broadband deals in the UK?

5G broadband home and business plans have become available from several UK internet service providers.

Here’s a list of the providers offering the most competitive deals:

  • EE offers 5G services for both smartphones and home broadband routers.
  • Vodafone offers 5G services for both smartphones and home broadband routers.
  • Three offers 5G services for both smartphones and home broadband routers.
  • BT Mobile uses EE’s network to provide 5G as a mobile SIM only.
  • O2 offers 5G both as a mobile SIM and as a home broadband router.
  • Sky Mobile uses O2’s network to offer 5G as a mobile SIM only.


Is 5G better than fixed broadband?

For those with access, a 5G home broadband connection can provide a connection superior to most fibre broadband, with faster speeds and more lower latency. Right now, fibre is much more readily available, but this may change as 5G access spreads around the country.

Another advantage that 5G has over fixed broadband is that it doesn’t rely on any cables or wires to work. This is a benefit it shares with 4G home broadband.

Last reviewed: 10 March 2021

Next review: 10 April 2021