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Sports TV packages

Sports TV packages

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Last updated: 07 July 2022

Are you unsure about whether to take out a sport package with your provider or separately on NOW TV? Compare sport TV packages with different providers to see which deals suit you best. 

What are the best sport with broadband packages?

Below we have curated a list of the top broadband deals with sports included in the price. If you already have an internet contract in place and are looking to take out a sports package separately, you should skip this section!

Best packages for Sky Sports

Now TV Super Fibre + Sport

NOW Broadband

Super Fibre + Sport

12 month contract Fibre + Phone

63Mb / second

Average speed



£49.00 / month

£10 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info

This sports & broadband package comes with a Now Sports membership (the equivalent to Sky Sports) for 12 months at £45 with a 63Mbps connection - it is the best value sports & broadband package available.

Sky Broadband + Sky TV + Sports

If you are interested in more than just sports, Sky's Broadband + Sky TV + Sports package is another option. It costs more at £62 per month, but you also gain access to Sky TV channels.

Best package for BT Sports: 

BT Sport + Fibre 2

BT Broadband

Sport + Fibre 2

24 month contract Fibre + TV

£50 BT Virtual Reward Card

67Mb / second

Average speed



£52.99 / month

£31.99 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info

This is a good option if you are looking for BT sports - you will gain access to BT's ever growing sports offering, and a speedy 67Mbps connection speed for £49.99 per month.

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle + Sports

Virgin Media Broadband

Bigger Sports Combo HD Bundle

18 month contract Fibre + TV + Phone

362Mb / second

Average speed



£62.00 / month

£0 upfront fees

If you are lucky enough to access Virgin Media at your home, their Bigger Bundle + Sports package might be of interest. It comes with a 108Mbps connection and costs £72 per month.

Best package with all sports channels

BT Big Sport + Fibre 2

BT Broadband

VIP + Fibre 2

24 month contract Fibre + TV

£50 BT Virtual Reward Card

67Mb / second

Average speed



£61.99 / month for 3 months

Then £114.99 / month

Pricing may change during contract Info

This is the king of sports packages. Taking out this deal, you will gain access to both Now Sports (Sky Sports) & BT Sport channels, as well as Eurosport!

Best sports channels

There are a handful of TV channels that clean up the medals when it comes to sport. While terrestrial channels like BBC and ITV show the Six Nations, The Grand National and the World Cup, it’s safe to say there’s a whole lot going on that isn’t shown on Freeview.

For example, if you want to watch live football on TV then you'll need Sky Sports for the majority Premier League games, as well as BT Sport for the rest and exclusive access to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. So how do you pick a TV sport package that’s got what you’re after? We take a look so you can be sure to find something that whets the palate.

Sky Sports TV package

When it comes to TV sports packages, Sky Sports is probably the daddy. They have no less than eleven specific channels bringing you round-the-clock coverage of the latest sporting events across the world. These channels are: Premier League, Football, F1, Cricket, Golf, Arena, Action, News, Racing, Mix and the Main Event.

If you’re a real sports fanatic, you can get the Sports Package which includes all of the above channels. In fact, if you want to keep on top of all your team’s action, you can even buy specific channels, such as Liverpool TV or MUTV; you can do this directly through Sky TV.

With Sky Go, sports aren’t just live but On demand too, so if you’ve missed a match or want to re-watch the latest race, you can. Plus, if you have BT broadband in your home then you’ll also have access to BT sport; if you don’t, you can buy BT Sport channels as an additional contract.

If you’ve got a Sky Family Bundle or a Variety Bundle, you’ll get a handful of sports channels included, such as British Eurosport, Extreme Sport Channel and At The Races.

BT Sport TV package

BT Sport have four channels, simply named 1, 2, 3 and ESPN. They show all the UEFA Champions League games, Premier League matches and the Aviva Premiership, as well as exclusive boxing events through the BoxNation channel. If you’ve got the Max package, it’s all included; but if you don’t you can add BT Sport to any other TV package all for £29.99 per month. You don’t have to be a BT broadband customer to do so, and you’ll be able to stream the channel on all your devices.

If you’ve got BT Superfast fibre, then there are a few other treats you can enjoy. You’ll be able to add the Sky Sports Main Event channel, which showcases the biggest global sporting event at the time, as well as Sky Sports Extra. You’ll just need to buy these as an add-on to your package. Furthermore, with Superfast Fibre and BT TV, you’ll get the BT Sport Ultimate channel which is only available as part of a BT Sport package. Couple that with a 4K TV if you have one, and you’ll see every bead of sweat glistening on your sporting hero’s face. Nice.

Virgin Media sports packages

Virgin Media offer something quite special: the Ultimate Oomph bundle and the Bigger Bundle + Sports package. They’re broadband, phone and TV deals offering both Sky Sports and BT Sport 4K. That’s a whole lot of sport, but hey – if you’re a mega fan you’ll be hard pressed to find something missing. However, as you might expect these all-encompassing packages come at a price, so if you are happy with either Sky Sports of BT Sport alone, you can add either of these separately to any standard Virgin Media TV package at an additional cost.

Alternatively, if you just sign up to Mix TV – which is the basic Virgin Media TV deal, no frills or other services – you’ll still get Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Mix and British Eurosport, and you’re free to add any other additional channels you want for an extra price. Or, if you just occasionally like to watch sport – be that a big event or something more niche – you have the pay-per-view option meaning you can buy viewing access to that event on a one-off basis.

NOW TV sports packages

NOW TV’s sports packages work a little differently, with quite an attractive set-up. Rather than taking out long contracts, as with our other TV sports providers, you decide how long you want access to all Sky Sports channels through a pay-as-you-go set up. It’s great if you don’t want to be locked into a subscription.

  • Day Pass for Sky Sports – £9.99 for a 24-hour pass that’ll give you access if you want to watch a specific event.
  • Monthly Pass + Boost HD for Sky Sports – £33.99 for a monthly package giving you the full range of Sky Sports channels, with the ability to cancel at any time.  

While NOW TV is owned by Sky, you can now get the BT Sport app through any NOW TV device too.

Streaming sports online

If you’ve got BT broadband, then you can stream BT sport wherever you are, without a TV package. If you want to stream Sky Sports, you’ll need to have a TV package that includes it.

You can stream sports online on a plethora of devices, from Smart TVs to mobile phones, via your Xbox or through your Mac. It’s certainly one way to make a commute more bearable, though one thing to bear in mind is your internet connection. For example, for BT Sport you’ll need a minimum broadband speed of 3-5mbps. However, if you’re intent on watching through BT Sport Ultimate or other HD channels, then you’ll need much faster broadband speeds to avoid any lag. In addition, if you’re streaming on-the-go then watch out for the data consumption.

We assume that wading through a sea of dodgy pop-ups on suspect websites just to watch the sporting event you’re after is something you’ll want to avoid. So, if you don’t have a subscription, it may be worth your time taking out a daily or monthly pass with NOW TV instead.


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