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Can I get a business broadband deal if I work from home?

Can I get a business broadband deal if I work from home?

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

If you work from home, you can choose to get a business broadband package if you wish. But is it worth it? Find out here.

Can I get a business broadband package if I work from home?

Yes, you can. With huge swathes of the population now working remotely, our homes have become our offices. If you’re running a business from home or are a sole trader, you can take out a deal from a business broadband provider.

However, because business broadband offers a myriad of additional benefits and services compared to standard broadband, it’s typically more expensive. Therefore, you should first decide whether it’s actually necessary.

Do I need business broadband for my home office?

That really depends on how you use the internet for your work. For general browsing, responding to emails and sending occasional documents, a standard home broadband connection should fare you just fine.  

However, if your work involves frequent file sharing, VoIP calls or video calls, then by default you’ll need superfast speeds to avoid efficiency-costing delays, as well as embarrassing lags on the weekly round-up. For this, you’ll want a solid fibre optic connection or better. You could either upgrade your personal broadband deal or assess whether a business broadband package could better serve your needs – take a look at our checklist below to find out.

If your personal usage wouldn’t ordinarily require you to upgrade to superfast broadband, and you’re not a sole trader, talk to your employer to see if they can assist with the additional cost of upgrading your broadband package.

Business broadband work from home checklist

If you work from home, you could benefit from upgrading to business broadband if:

  • You need a static IP address.
  • You require faster upload and download speeds.
  • You want increased levels of security to protect against potential threats.
  • You have equipment that demands more powerful hardware than a standard router can cope with.
  • You want a guaranteed service for troubleshooting and round-the-clock customer service.

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