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How can I get WiFi signal in every part of my office?

How can I get WiFi signal in every part of my office?

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

If you have a big office space, finding a router that transmits a WiFi signal to each part of it can be tricky. Read on to find out how.

Is one router enough to get WiFi signal in my office?

A small office with fewer than ten employees is considered to be a relatively small space. It’s neither big enough to get away with forgetting someone’s birthday, nor to hide from them when you do. If this sounds like your setup, then you’ll probably find a single router that serves your needs just fine.

If you have more than ten employees though, or are looking to set up a public WiFi hotspot for customers over a large store or premises, a single router by itself may not provide the level of coverage you need. Bigger business spaces will need to have a long-range wireless router as well as multiple access points so that your broadband connection can be accessed in every corner. 

How can I get WiFi signal all around the office?

Investing in additional hardware is a really simple and effective way to improve your WiFi signal. You can set up additional access points across the office, all of which can transmit a strong signal for up to 45 metres.  

In the same vein, you can add wireless range extenders or external antennae to both your router and access points to help increase your coverage. Or to go one step further, you can try wireless repeaters as well to further improve your signal strength.

Make sure you place your router in a central, unblocked location, too. So, avoid placing routers in cupboards or tucked-away locations – you could even try placing it on the ceiling, as signal from most routers is broadcasted downwards.

Finally, you need a strong connection. That means a reliable business broadband supplier and speeds that can handle your online operations.

Does sharing office space affect my WiFi signal?

Your WiFi router runs on a channel. If you share your office space with another company – even on the floor above or below – there could be congestion. To boost signal all over your office, check that your router is set to automatically run off the clearest channel.


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