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Why does my business need a static IP address?

Why does my business need a static IP address?

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

Having a static IP address can be of great benefit to businesses. But how? Read on to find out.

What is a static IP address?

An IP address is a number which is assigned to your device anytime you use the internet. It identifies you on the network and also allows the exchange of information between devices over your broadband connection.

Generally, IP addresses are dynamic. This means that they change every time you log on. By contrast, a static IP address remains the same every time you connect.

Having a unique, consistent IP address can be a great benefit to businesses. Not only does it mean you can be easily identified on the network, but it also enables a host of other features which are essential to many business operations.

What are the benefits of a static IP address for businesses?

Here’s a rundown of the advanced features a static IP address will give your business access to:

First, you can host websites and have company email addresses with your own domain name, giving your business the air of professionalism; it also allows you to run your own servers.

In addition, you’ll have secure, remote access to your network, meaning that wherever you are you’ll be able to do business – perfect for those who travel. If your business requires a CCTV feed, a static IP will allow you to set this up, too. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create your own VPN, and the reliability of any VoIP calls you make will be greatly increased.  

Lastly, static IP addresses guarantee far more reliable connections, so they’re worth it to ensure your business operations run smoothly. This is extremely helpful if you want to set up a public WiFi hotspot on your business premises, or even if you are looking at a business broadband deal for working from home and usually have a sporadic connection. 

Do static IP addresses have any risks?

One risk of static IP addresses is that because they don’t change, they can make your connection more vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, you must ensure you have top-rate security to protect yourself from any potential threats. Fortunately, most business broadband packages include advanced security features such as firewalls, spyware protection and anti-virus software, but do check what’s included before you sign up to a deal.


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