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Cheap Broadband Deals

Compare the cheapest broadband deals on the market here, and find a package that still provides all your needs!

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Cheap Broadband Deals
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Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Offers from over 15 providers

Offers from over 15 providers

Cheap Broadband Deals

What is the cheapest broadband?

Standard broadband, also known as ADSL, is typically cheapest. Fibre optic was once very expensive and it was hard to find competitive deals. However, now almost all providers offer fibre optic broadband and while it still costs more than ADSL on the whole, you can find a package for around £25 a month.  

Should I get a cheap broadband deal?

Like any product, you often get what you pay for. As the cheapest deals tend to be for ADSL broadband, they will generally come with slower speeds of around 10-11 megabytes per second (Mbps). Now, slower speeds aren’t necessarily bad, it just depends on how you use the internet.

If you’re what we call a light user – i.e. you use the internet for emails, occasional streaming and general browsing – then these speeds should work fine for you. However, this is so long as you’re a small household, in that you live on your own or with one other person and don’t have many devices between you.

For multi-occupant households, or if you’re a heavy user of the internet, then you’ll want fibre optic broadband. If there are multiple devices connected and several people are streaming video content, gaming, or are on Zoom, then you’ll want to look for fibre optic packages. But don’t fret: it’s easy to find relatively cheap deals which are good value for money.

So, there are a few things to consider when looking for a cheap broadband deal.

How can I get a cheap broadband deal?

  • Don’t be swayed by packages offering limited data usage. Pretty much every package is unlimited now, so having capped usage doesn’t really benefit – if anything, you can end up being charged higher rates if you go over your allowance.
  • Avoid being Out of Contract. It’s thought that a significant percentage of the UK – particularly those in vulnerable groups - are stuck on Out of Contract deals. When a broadband contract ends, prices usually increase and special offers expire, meaning you’re probably paying more than you should be. Since February 2020, Ofgem have made it imperative that customers be told when their contract is due to end; if they want to stay with their provider, they must not only be given the best deal on the market, but also be shown competitive deals if they choose to switch.
  • Look for special offers and rewards. Many broadband packages offer rewards, often in the form of cashback or a voucher. You could get as much as £100, which can in turn significantly reduce the total cost of your contract. Therefore, it’s in your interests to hunt down those offers, do some calculations and weigh up the adjusted total cost.
  • Consider the whole cost. When you run your broadband comparison with us, you can compare deals by monthly sum or total cost. The latter will include any setup or installation fees, and so can be helpful to gauge what you’ll ultimately pay overall. Again, be sure to account for rewards too.

Which providers offer cheap broadband?

There are a few providers who repeatedly come up trumps when it comes to price, frequently offering broadband deals under £20. These are: Now Broadband, Origin Broadband, Plusnet, TalkTalk, OneStream, Direct Save Telecom, Shell Energy Broadband and Post Office, although you could well find similar deals offered by other providers.

What are the cheapest broadband deals at the moment?

Right now, the cheapest broadband deals are coming in at around £18 a month for ADSL broadband.  It’s vital to remember though that broadband packages change week on week. Therefore, the best way to stay on top of cheap broadband deals is to pop your postcode into our comparison checker and sort by price low to high. There will always be a competitive package on the market, and now you’re familiar with our top tips to getting cheap broadband, you’ll know what to look for!

Is it cheaper to get a bundle deal?

As part of broadband packages, you can often get additional services included like your TV, landline, mobile phone. While these can seem tempting, it’s worth calculating whether the extras are necessary for you. You might tend to watch content through streaming sites instead or have no need for a new mobile contract (and would rather avoid having a landline!), in which case you probably don’t need a bundle deal. On the other hand, you could really save money bundling these services together rather than paying for them individually.  

Where can I find cheap broadband deals?

You can find cheap broadband deals with us. Just pop in your postcode and you’ll be shown the cheapest packages going, or those with the best value. You’ll be able to sort by your preferences and choose your filters, such as minimum speeds or contract term. Once you’ve selected your bargain new deal, we’ll do the rest!

*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google