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Choosing a Streaming Service

Last updated: 18. 09. 2020

Choosing a Streaming Service
Streaming TV programmes online has become increasingly popular and accessible in recent years and some of the biggest shows in TV are now only available on streaming platforms. With plenty of streaming services to choose from, working out which one is right for you has become an increasingly difficult task. 

Fear not, as this guide will give an overview of each of the main streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime and more.


Netflix is one of the leading streaming services with over 148 million paid customers and services being offered in over 190 countries. Netflix offers a large number of TV shows and movies and also produces its own original content.


  • Basic prices start at £5.99 per month. This limits you streaming to one device at a time and does not allow HD streaming. 
  • The standard package costs £7.49 a month and allows you to stream on two devices at a time and allows for HD streaming. 
  • The premium package costs £8.49 a month which gives you access to Ultra HD streaming and allows you to stream on up to 4 devices at a time. 

How can I watch?

  • You can access Netflix at  
  • Using a smartphone or tablet. 
  • On an Xbox, Nintendo or Playstation
  • Using an Apple TV, chromecast. 
  • Smart TVs

What original programs do they offer? 

  • House of Cards
  • Black Mirror 
  • Stranger Things 
  • Orange Is the New Black 

Sky Store

The Sky TV store is a subscription free streaming service which often has the latest releases available. You pay for each film individually through your Sky box. The Sky store is a good option for those who don’t want to pay a subscription fee but want access to the latest movies.


Films cost as little as 99p to rent and up to £7.99 to buy. 

How can I watch?
  • Through your Sky box. 
  • Using your smartphone or tablet.

What original programs do they offer?

The Sky store prioritises offering the latest releases in cinema rather than producing its own original content. 

Now TV

Now TV is a subscription-based service designed to be suited to your needs. This service offers access to services such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies as well as hundreds of TV shows. For those looking for the best in film and sport, Now TV is a great option.

  • Sky Sports Pass - £33.99 per month
  • Sky Movies Pass £9.99 per month 

How can I watch?
  • Using a NOW TV box 
  • On your PlayStation or Xbox  
  • Using a PC or Mac 
  • On your Smartphone and Tablet

What original and popular programs do they offer? 

NowTV doesn’t produce its own original content.


The TalkTalk store is a pay-per-view streaming service offering both TV shows and films. TalkTalk offers a large selection of programmes without having to pay a subscription free.

  • Special offers mean prices start at 99p 
  • Film rental prices start from £3.45 and TV shows from £1.89
  • You can buy films from £8.99 and TV series from £5.99

How can I watch?
  • On your PC or Mac
  • On a smartphone or tablet
  • Using your Xbox, Chromecast or smart TVs 

What original and popular programs do they offer? 

TalkTalkTV doesn’t produce its own original content. 

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is similar to Netflix as it offers a wide selection of TV programs and films and also produces its own original shows. However, Prime is different from Netflix in that it allows you to purchase some films permanently for an extra cost on top of your subscription fee.


Amazon Prime Video costs £5.99 per month or £79 per year.

How can I watch?

  • At 
  • On your smartphone or tablet
  • Using your playstation, Nintendo or Xbox. 
  • Using your Apple TV or smart TV. 
  • Using an Amazon Fire Stick with a fire TV. 

What original and popular programs do they offer? 

  • Mr. Robot 
  • Outlander 

To use any of these streaming services you need to ensure you have a strong broadband connection as there is nothing worse as being interrupted by a poor connection when watching your favourite show. Use usave to compare broadband deals and find a package which offers a service good enough for all your streaming needs. 
Michael Quinn

Author: Michael Quinn

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