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In the modern business world, a fast reliable broadband service has become an integral component of any successful business.

Here we’re going to weigh up the advantages that a business broadband service has over home broadband to help you make the right choice about wi-fi for your business.

Service guarantee and compensation

Business broadband providers understand just how important it is for your business to have a good wi-fi service. They know that any disrupted connections could potentially be damaging to your business, causing losses in revenue or reputation. As such there is often much more at stake if your business’s wi-fi connection drops than if your home one does and broadband providers recognise this.

This is why many business broadband providers will pledge to fix your connection the next working day to minimise any losses your company will suffer because of a lack of wi-fi. Broadband providers don’t tend to offer the same kind of service guarantees with home broadband, but if they do then the timeframe in which they’ll get your broadband back up is much longer.

Plus, in the unlikely event that a business broadband provider can’t get you back online in the timeframe that they promise then you're often entitled to compensation for any business losses you may have incurred.

Business-specific customer support

Typically if your home broadband goes down then you may find yourself having to wait quite a while before you can call your provider’s customer support services because they are only available at select times.

Even when you do manage to get through, you may face further waiting time on hold for help if you find yourself in a queue of people with similar problems, and this can be quite frustrating. If you have a business connection though, to mitigate any potential losses through losing your wi-fi connection, broadband providers will try to get you back online as soon as they can. This means business broadband deals typically come with round-the-clock, UK-based customer support, so you can get any problems sorted as quickly as possible. Business broadband customers also get priority, so you won't be stuck on hold like you would if you have a home connection.

Business broadband traffic is prioritised

Broadband providers tend to prioritise their business customers over their home customers. This simply means that the speed and quality of your business connection isn’t affected by other customers' usage patterns, so your connection won't slow down at peak times. You won’t be subject to the same FAIR USAGE policies that often affect home broadband users.

Better security

If your business broadband network is breached then it could be catastrophic for your company – major instances of this happening can make the national news and be quite damaging to your company’s reputation. If a business connection is breached then it affects many more people than if your home broadband is, as it risks all the data of your company’s employees and clients. For this reason, broadband providers tend to equip their business customers with higher levels of security software.

Special business routers

A business router will differ quite a lot from a bog-standard home router. A home router is made to handle around ten devices, and if you don’t need to connect any more, then a standard home router or small business router should meet your needs. However, if you're a larger business then you'll need a much larger and higher-powered router or switch that can provide coverage throughout a large office building for many more devices.

Static IP address

For your home broadband connection you’re typically given a dynamic IP address (the unique number that identifies your computer), which means that your IP address changes whenever you connect to the internet. Broadband providers give their business customers a static IP address though. A static IP address allows you to use your connection for a host of business-specific features that are critical to the day-to-day operation of businesses.

These include:

  • Hosting your own server – this is crucial if your business needs to receive large files and it ensures that clients can connect to your server without complications.
  • Hosting your own website or domain name server.
  • Remotely connecting to your computer from another PC so staff can access applications remotely.
So is it worth saving money on a business broadband connection?

Business broadband deals come with quite a lot more perks than home broadband deals, and as a result they are a lot more expensive. It’s also worth bearing in mind that business broadband is arguably much better value because of all of these extras that it gives over home broadband. So should you skimp on upgrading to a business connection to save some money? It does depend on the size of your business, and how much you could end up losing out on if something goes wrong your business wi-fi. Make sure to investigate all potential options to work out what is going to be best value for your business.

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