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Can I use a BT Home Hub with Sky Broadband?

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Last updated: 28 April 2022

You’ve recently switched to Sky Broadband but you already have a router from your previous internet plan with BT. Sky has included a new Sky Broadband Hub with your package but you’re wondering if you can use your old BT Home Hub to get online. So, can you?

While Sky previously prohibited you from using a different router on their broadband network, that policy has changed. Now you can use a BT Home Hub - or another third-party router - with your Sky Broadband.

However, you need to be technologically savvy to set it up and willing to put up with some trial and error. Additionally, a new Sky Hub might be more advanced than your old BT Home Hub, so it won’t make much sense to jump through hoops to keep using your old router.

Using a different router will also make it more difficult for Sky to troubleshoot and fix problems with your home internet connection should they arise.

But if you’re determined to keep using your BT Home Hub, it's possible. It’s a complicated process, but, in brief, you need to assign your BT Home Hub a different IP address and then connect it to Sky’s network. For a more detailed rundown on how to link a BT Home Hub to Sky Broadband, see here.


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Lauren Smith

Author: Lauren Smith

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