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Broadband Deals with Cheap Installation

Many broadband deals will come with an installation fee, some cheaper than others. Compare broadband deals with cheap installation fees here.

Last updated: 18 January 2021

Broadband Deals with Cheap Installation
When searching for the best broadband deals, you may be wondering if choosing a broadband deal with no upfront costs could be the best way to save money. Although the monthly payment you’ll be making is the main expense and the thing you want to focus on, you may be able to cut some costs by choosing a broadband deal with a free setup. That way you don’t have to worry about spending any money until the monthly bills start coming through. Use our useful guide on broadband deals and see how choosing a broadband deal without upfront fees could save you money.

Broadband with Free Installation

When you compare broadband deals you will find that there is plenty of choice for deals with no upfront costs. This means that you won’t have to pay anything to have your broadband set up and start working in your home. The best way to find broadband deals which include free installation is to follow these simple steps:
  • To find out whether broadband with no upfront costs is available where you live, enter your postcode in our search engine to find broadband deals with free installation in your area. 
  • Deals with the lowest installation costs should be listed first, followed by those with the lowest upfront fees. Make sure you check each deal carefully as some broadband providers offer free installation, but there may be other upfront costs included. Once you’ve found a deal that suits you, simply click it and you’ll be directed to the provider’s website to complete your purchase. 
  • Some providers will require credit checks on new customers before you sign up to their deal. However, you can also search for broadband deals without credit checks on our website.

Which broadband providers offer free installation?

Broadband deals change regularly, so make sure you have checked if the deal you are after is still available. Most large providers will offer free installation, but it will often depend on the package you have chosen. These providers include:

Other large providers that often have setup fees but will sometimes offer special deals for free installation are BT, Sky and Virgin Media
Although many of these providers offer broadband with no upfront costs, they often will charge you if you need a new phone line. This will cost between £40 and £70 depending on the provider. Be sure to use our website to compare broadband providers and their upfront costs.
Broadband and TV package deals are more likely to have setup fees included as the TV box may cost you money to own or to be shipped. Providers such as TalkTalk, NOW Broadband and EE sometimes have all-inclusive broadband and TV deals with free installation, however, make sure you check this using our website. 

How much does broadband cost to setup?

You may be wondering why there are upfront costs associated with broadband deals. Here are some of the reasons that you may have to pay an upfront cost for your broadband deal:
  • Setup and installation: Different providers may use these two terms in different ways. Generally, installation refers to the engineer work for installing a phone line and configuring Wi-Fi routers. Setup refers to the administrative costs of signing up a new customer, and the activation of the Wi-Fi, which can often require an engineer to attend the property.
  • Phone lines: Many UK homes will have an active phone line that can be switched between providers easily. However, if you have a deactivated line or do not have a phone line at all, then you will have to pay an additional fee to get it reactivated or installed. In most cases this charge will apply whether you had free installation included or not.
  • Delivering parts: Providers may charge customers for sending them the Wi-Fi router or TV box. This is usually only a small fee of around £10.

Do free broadband deals exist?

You may have seen various advertisements for ‘free broadband deals’ in the past. However, there was a catch with these deals that meant you still had to pay for the phone line rental, which was often far more expensive than the price of broadband. Industry regulator Ofcom decided that this was not fair to consumers and ruled that all advertised broadband prices must include line rental. So unfortunately, there are no free broadband deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does broadband installation take?

If you already have a landline then broadband installation should only take two to three weeks from the time that you sign up. Sometimes it can take longer if the provider is experiencing a high volume of engineer callouts. 

Do all providers use BT phone lines?

Most homes have Openreach lines, although we like to call them BT landlines! Most providers require you to have one, apart from Virgin Media who have their own network.

Can I get fibre optic broadband with free installation?

Yes. All types of broadband are available with no upfront costs.
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