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Does faster broadband mean faster WiFi?

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Last updated: 01 March 2022

Is your WiFi connection lagging, leaving you struggling to stream HD video and game online? It’s possible your broadband connection isn’t fast enough and you should upgrade to a faster plan. But does a faster broadband connection mean faster WiFi?

This is likely to be the case if you’re using an ADSL internet connection and have a busy home of internet users. ADSL's average download speeds of 10-11Mbps won’t be able to accommodate multiple devices using lots of data at once.

However, the problem may not necessarily be your broadband connection.

Faster broadband can mean faster WiFi, but your WiFi can have other ailments that can lead to slow speeds even if you have the fastest internet connections in your neighbourhood. But if you’re using an ADSL connection with average download speeds of 10-11Mbps or you have a busy home of internet users, then it is likely that upgrading your broadband connection will solve the issues.

To test where the fault is, plug your laptop directly into your router with an ethernet cable. If you’re getting fast speeds there, the problem is likely with your WiFi network rather than your broadband connection. 

Your router may be old or faulty and need replacing. You also may be positioning it wrong. Routers should be in a central, visible location in your home, not in a cupboard or near large appliances, fish tanks, or metal pipes, all of which can block the signal.

If you’re struggling to get fast WiFi in the far corners of your home, you may need to invest in additional technology, such as WiFi extenders and mesh networks. These can boost your WiFi signal and mean you’ll get faster internet in basements and lofts.


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Lauren Smith

Author: Lauren Smith

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