A Guide to Broadband for Students

In the increasingly hyperconnected world we live in, having a fast and reliable internet connection is now essential for most of us – and especially for students.

In this guide we'll help you work out how to get the perfect broadband deal for your student house.

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What do I need from my broadband tariff?

When you’re at university, you’ll need the internet to do your research, read important emails and submit your assignments. But of course, that’s not all you’ll need it for.

More and more of us struggle to live without streaming services like Netflix and Spotify anymore. Constant streaming will eat up your data allowance so you'll want to go for a broadband deal with unlimited usage.

You'll also want to keep in contact with family and friends back home, and nothing beats Skype for that. So, when you’re living at university, especially if you’re in a shared house, choosing the right broadband deal is vital. This guide will tell you what to look for when you compare broadband deals, so you can find the best package at the best price for you and your housemates.

How much should I spend on my student broadband?

As a student, budgeting is a big part of your life. Mostly you’ll just want to spend our money at the Students’ Union bar, on socialising and having a good time. You don’t want to think about the boring, important stuff, let alone spend loads of your student loan on it. But internet is essential. And you don’t want yours to cut out the night before you’ve got an important deadline, or as you’re frantically trying to buy the last tickets available for that big night out.

Balancing what you pay against what you receive is important when you're assessing different broadband deals.

While you'll be working from a tight budget, going for the absolute cheapest broadband deal might not always be the best option. If you live in a shared house with other students, you need to think about what speeds and download limits you will all need. You also need to consider if it’s worth getting your broadband with a TV or phone package too.

As always though, work within what you can afford, and you should be able to find a decent deal without paying over the odds.

How long should my contract be?

You only want to pay for what you’re using, so choosing the right length of contract is important. If, like most university students, you go home for the summer, you probably don’t need internet at your student home for the whole year. Many broadband providers offer 9-month contracts aimed especially at students for this reason. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be paying less. Broadband providers want their customers to be tied in for as long as possible, so generally the longer your contract the less you must pay each month.

You could also consider getting a no-contract broadband plan. These typically comes with a minimum term of just a month. The amount you pay each month will be slightly higher than on a longer-term deal, but it gives you the flexibility to switch broadband provider if you discover that the one you’re with isn’t right for you.

How fast should my broadband be?

It’s important to consider the speed of broadband you’ll need when choosing the right deal. Students generally spend a lot of time online, whether that’s researching for their coursework, posting on Facebook or streaming music and videos. With a lot of people using the internet at once in one house, you might find your connection speed starts to suffer.

If there are three or more people in your home, it’s worth getting a high-speed fibre optic broadband connection, especially if you stream a lot of videos or play online games. You’ll pay more for higher-speed broadband, but as there are more of you sharing the costs, it won’t set you back too much individually.

You should be aware that just because your broadband is advertised at a certain speed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting that speed. You share the speed with your housemates, so if there’s five of you in the house and your broadband is 50Mbps, then your actual speed will be only 10Mbps if you’re all using the internet at the same time.

Will I need unlimited downloads?

As with connection speed, if you’re going to be sharing your download limit with your housemates, it’s always worth getting as much as you can. A few of the cheapest broadband deals available will have limited usage, but they can end up costing you more if you find yourself exceeding the limit each month. If your broadband deal only allows up to 30GB of usage per month, you’ll soon find out this isn’t enough, especially if one of you has a Netflix addiction.

Thankfully, most broadband deals nowadays come with unlimited usage, and this is what you should look for. With unlimited broadband, you and your housemates will be able to browse and stream as much as you like without worrying about high bills or your internet cutting out. With so much choice out there, a quick broadband comparison of the market will help you find unlimited broadband deals that won’t cost you too much.

Is it worth getting a broadband & tv bundle deal?

Many broadband providers will offer you a bundle package, which ties your broadband together with your TV and phone package. While a bundling your broadband will cost you more, if you and your housemates like watching TV the old-fashioned way then it’s worth getting as it will be cheaper than getting separate deals. While most of us to moving towards more convenient TV streaming services like Netflix, if you want to watch live sports on Sky or BT then you should consider getting a broadband and TV deal together.

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