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How to set up broadband yourself

How to set up broadband yourself

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

Setting up a WiFi network in your home doesn't necessarily require a technician call out. They will likely be required to work outside of your property, but within your home there are steps you can take to manage your own installation.
Whether this is possible is mainly based on which network your home is currently connected to, and which one you will be switching to. You won't be able to set up broadband yourself if your property requires a new phone line or cable. This would be the case if your home has not previously had a broadband connection, if you're moving to a new virgin media cable package or upgrading to ultrafast broadband.
If you're currently on a superfast broadband package however, as most UK properties are, you'll be able to switch service providers pretty easily with a small set up in your home.

Step 1: Sign up

The simple process requires you to first sign up to a new broadband package, after which you will receive a new router from your chosen service provider. You can use our tool to compare broadband packages and decide which is best for you.

Step 2: Plug in

On the day your new package is activated, you'll simply need to plug your new router into the master phone socket and switch it on. In most cases you'll need to use the microfilters supplied with your router. These allow older phone lines to run broadband and phone calls without interference.

An engineer will do the rest of the work outside of your property, either installing new wiring or simply switching your service at the cabinet.

Step 3: Connect

Once your new broadband is up and running, it's a simple case of connecting your wireless devices to your WiFi. You'll need to enter the Wifi SSID (or the network name) and the WiFi password. These are most commonly found on a sticker on your new router, or sometimes printed in the instruction manual provided. If you have any issues with your connection now it's setup, check out our guide on broadband troubleshooting.

This kind of installation is possible for many major networks including BT, Vodafone and NOW Broadband.


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