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Broadband Offers Available in London

Broadband Offers Available in London

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Last updated: 11 June 2021

Everyone likes a good deal. Knowing you’ve got value for money on a purchase is a great feeling and never more so than with something as vital to your day to day life as broadband. 
If you're someone who lives in London, a city not exactly known for it’s cheap and affordable lifestyle, the joy of a steal on your internet connection becomes even more tantalizing. Finding cheap broadband allows you to save money to spend sky-high rents and £7 pints. 
Luckily for you these deals do exist, and we have been kind enough to put them all in one easy to find place, helping you to get the most bytes for the best price. If you want to know how to find the best broadband in your area, you've come to the right place.

What types of broadband can I get in London?

While your broadband options might be limited if you live in certain rural areas of the UK, that’s not the case in London. If you live the capital, you should have a broad choice of internet deals and providers to choose from:


Coming in at between 10-11Mbps, ADSL broadband offers the slowest speeds on the market, but is becoming rarer and rarer as fibre starts to be the new norm. That being said, ADSL broadband should be available all over London. If there are only one or two of you using your connection and you don’t need it for anything too bandwidth-intensive, this could be the most sensible option for you.

Standard Fibre

Basic fibre broadband is also ubiquitous in London and offers average speeds between 35-38Mbps. This should suit most reasonably-sized households and can support data-intensive services like online gaming and streaming, as long as not too many people use it all at once.

Superfast Fibre

If you are a large household with fairly high internet usage, then consider superfast fibre deals offering speeds between 63-67Mbps. This kind of connection should suffice for a range of different situations, and should be available in most London postcodes.

Ultrafast Fibre

Offering speeds of 100Mbps+, ultrafast fibre broadband in London will be available from a few select providers. One for the speed freaks, these deals are only really required for large households with multiple connected devices and/or for those who are going to engage in particularly bandwidth-intensive activities, such as regularly downloading large files.

Find out what the fastest broadband in your area is by entering your postcode into our broadband comparison page.

Broadband Providers in London

When you compare broadband for your London home, make sure to consider the following providers:


Hyperoptic offers the fastest broadband in the London area, with its top range fibre packages providing average speeds of an insane 900Mbps. If you think you can manage with slightly less speed, it also has more affordable deals with speeds of either 50Mbps or 150Mbps. Hyperoptic uses its own network of fibre optic cables to deliver your internet, and as a result is currently only available in certain locations in the capital.


BT is one of the most well-known broadband providers in the UK, and thanks to its Openreach network, its available to over 90% of London households. BT’s standard broadband packages offer average speeds of just 10Mbps but are also the cheapest. For something a bit faster, you can get both superfast and ultrafast fibre deals from BT, with some areas in London able to get speeds of up to 300Mbps.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is currently the most widely available provider of ultrafast broadband in London. Using its own network of fibre cables, it doesn’t cover as much of London as BT does, but you’re much more likely to find a deal with Virgin Media than Hyperoptic. You also don’t need to bundle your broadband with your landline, although you might be tempted by Virgin Media’s TV bundles.

Virgin Media’s top-tier M500 package offers speeds of up to 500Mbps, if you’re lucky enough to be covered. Meanwhile, the M350 and M100 packages offer average speeds of 350Mbps and 108Mbps respectively, and is more widely available.


Another household name, Sky Broadband is available to the vast majority of London households, using the same network as BT. Sky offers similar broadband speeds and prices to BT up to 145Mbps, but its huge range of TV bundle options is its biggest selling point.


TalkTalk is also widely available in London, and is well known for offering affordable broadband deals. While its most basic packages may not be suitable for large households with heavy internet usage, if you live in a small flat and you’re on a budget, TalkTalk could be a great option for you. What’s more, you won’t see any price hikes during the term of your contract thanks to TalkTalk’s guarantee.

Other providers

Most UK broadband providers will operate in some parts if not most of London. That gives you an advantage as a Londoner, as you have a lot more choice compared to people living in smaller towns and the countryside. As well as the providers mentioned above, have a look for Plusnet, EE, the Post Office, NOW Broadband, Vodafone and more when you compare broadband packages.

What is the best broadband deal in London?

When people talk about the best broadband deal, it’s easy to automatically think of cheap broadband, but the cheapest deals aren’t always the best value. Value is determined by how much it is worth to an individual, so for some people a high speed connection at a reasonable cost is far more valuable than a slow connection for a small cost. Thankfully, if speed is what you're after, London is well-equipped.


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