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Paying for broadband with direct debit

Paying for broadband with direct debit

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

Broadband can be tricky. Once you’ve decided what broadband deal you’re going for with which provider and have everything installed you may think that the decisions are over. When it comes to payment you might think that the only way to pay is through direct debit, however there are other options that you can choose from, although these will differ from provider to provider. To save you any further research we have put together a list of all the major broadband providers and how they let you pay.


As one would expect from telecoms giant BT, they do offer alternative payment methods to direct debit, but there are a few things to bear in mind. You can pay with other methods than credit or debit card but in order to do this you need to subscribe to BT’s Line Rental Plus service which costs an extra £2 per month, although it does contain some additional features. If you want to pay in person through cash or cheque, then you can do so through pay point locations which you can find in many newsagents and petrol stations. You are also able to pay via bank transfer although you will need to check with your bank to see if it is possible and any credit cards payments that are not made via direct debit will incur a cost of £6 for a payment processing fee.

Post Office

The Post Office are currently the only broadband provider who will allow you to pay your monthly bill in cash without charging any additional fees. If you want to you can also pay through cheque, bank or credit card without any complications.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media are happy to accept additional payment methods - they accept credit card both over the phone or on their website, but if you need to pay in cold hard cash you will need to go a pay point outlet. However, if you decide to pay through any other method than direct debit then you will end up paying more on your monthly bill.


With TalkTalk you can pay through different means to direct debit - they accept single payments in the form of cheques, credit or bank transfers at Payzone, Post Office or Paypoint locations. Similar to Virgin Media, you will incur additional charges if you decide to deviate away from direct debit.


Unfortunately, Plusnet no longer allow customers to pay through cheque or cash which limits the options for those wishing to avoid direct debit. If you need to you can pay via a credit card, but this will mean that you must pay any additional £1.50 for each transaction.

John Lewis

If you get a broadband deal from retail giant John Lewis then you can pay your bills with credit card or cheque. However, if you wish to make a one-off payment then you will only be able to do so with a credit or debit card.

Shell Energy

For those who shop with Shell Energy, formerly known as First Utility, you will need to pay an additional cost of £1 for any transaction that you make without direct debit, but you can pay with cash, cheque or credit card.


EE allows its customers to make a one-off monthly payment by either credit or debit card, but if you choose not to pay through direct debit then you will need to pay a small additional charge.


Sky accepts all other payments as well as direct debit, however as with many other broadband providers you will incur a small fee if you choose to do so.

As you can see in almost all instances, it is going to easier and cheaper for you to pay for your internet via direct debit. While there are some instances where setting up a direct debit might not work for you, it is generally advisable to do so if you are in position to.


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