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We live in a world that needs to be connected online. Super-fast broadband makes for a better Internet experience for families and businesses across the UK. But what actually is it, and do you really need it?

How does superfast broadband work?

Super-fast broadband provides a faster and more reliable service using fibre optic technology rather than copper wires like the standard broadband services and offers speeds of more than 24Mbps. The higher the number, the quicker the data can be downloaded to your household. There are many benefits to investing in super-fast broadband that can make your lives much easier in this technology driven era.

Who needs superfast broadband?

If you’re one of the many people who now stream and download music and videos from the Internet, super-fast broadband will dramatically decrease buffering/download times, allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy. If you’re a keen gamer it will also improve the in-game responsiveness and reduce lag throughout. And when making a long distance video chat the images should be super crisp and you won’t have to worry about a poor connection – at least not on your end.

With super-fast broadband you can have multiple tabs open on your browser all working at the same time and speed, allowing you to work much more efficiently. If you work from home and rely on your Internet connection then getting super-fast broadband is a no-brainer.

Broadband for multiple devices

With technology ever changing and developing, we see our homes become more dependent on devices and appliances to control our daily routines such as security cameras and even light switches managed from your phone. These simultaneous connection demands created by a combined broadband usage would push traditional broadband connection to the limit. Super-fast broadband ensures many devices can be connected and operated at the same time.

Can I get superfast broadband?

But it’s not for everyone. You’ll have to check first to see if it’s available in your area, and even if it is, this may not mean you can achieve a perfect connection. Thicker walls, the quality of the wiring, a slow router and how far your property is from the exchange are some of the factors that can block a strong signal. As with all faster, higher quality technology it’s expensive, so it comes down to whether you use your Internet enough to justify paying a higher price for a faster speed. To find the best superfast broadband packages available in your area, head over to our fibre optic broadband comparison page now.

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