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Understanding Broadband Installation

Understanding Broadband Installation

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Last updated: 18 August 2021

If you want to get broadband, you’ll often need a phone line. Different providers use different lines so you may still need a new phone line installed if you’re switching suppliers or moving into a property without the right line. In some cases, you may move into a property without a phone line, so you won’t be able to surf the web, catch up on Netflix or do all that online shopping (you’ll probably return anyway). This might be the case if your property is a new build or perhaps a really old, listed building. Whatever your situation, it should be a pretty painless and straightforward service.  

How does broadband installation work?

Once you’ve compared broadband deals using usave and signed up to the deal for you, simply book an engineer call out with your new provider. The engineer will come out and connect your line. In general, you should allow two weeks from your purchase of a new broadband package before your new service is up and running. However, if you have the appropriate line already there is of course no need to wait for an engineer and you can self-install. 

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Will my broadband installation ever take longer than two weeks?

There may be occasions that your broadband installation will take longer than the two-week average: 

If you live in a flat

This may count as a non-standard set up and may come at an extra cost. Confirm with your new provider if there will be any delays or issues such as the engineer needing to find the distribution point in your building which could possibly be in a locked cupboard. It’s best to find this out beforehand.

If you live in a rented property 

You will need to clarify with your landlord that it’s okay to have a phone line or broadband installed, however this should be no issue but it’s always best to check your tenancy agreement. 

If you miss the engineer appointment 

If you miss your scheduled appointment with the engineer to come round and install your broadband, it will most likely extend the average two week setting up period. And could also cost you a rescheduling fee. So, it’s best to make sure you’re in for the day you schedule your appointment. 

Will I need to pay for my broadband installation?

Installing a phone line for broadband shouldn’t cost you anything if you are having it installed as part of purchasing a broadband package. However, if you just want the line rental, it will cost you. For example, BT charge around £130 to install a new line or activate one no longer in use. But other providers cost anything from £20 or more. There is a chance you can bypass the charge, but this is in exceptional circumstances.

Which broadband providers offer free installation?

There are some providers that always offer free installation whereas some providers always charge you. And even though you could get free installation there may be other upfront costs such as delivery of the router. 
Providers that have been known to offer free installation are:
Virgin Media’s process is slightly more complicated as they must install a cable through the wall, there is always a charge for this service. 

Will I have to pay for my router?

If you sign up to a new broadband package, you’ll get a broadband router as part of the deal. You can purchase your own router if you prefer. You may want to do this if you have researched better hardware or want to have more than one router throughout your house. However, it isn’t necessary to buy a router, the routers provided to you as part of your broadband package are relatively decent and buying one separately can be quite expensive. The router you buy may also not be compatible with your broadband connection and you may get less customer support if your provider is unfamiliar with the router you bought separately from their service.

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