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Best and Worst Broadband Providers 2020

Find out who the UK’s best and worst broadband providers were in 2020, as according to the industry regulator Ofcom.

Last updated: 04 March 2021

Best and Worst Broadband Providers 2020
Their annual customer service report looks at how the major broadband providers performed last year on factors such as customer satisfaction and value for money. Ofcom gives an independent report into what levels of customer service phone and broadband customers can expect. Read our useful guide to find out who are the best and worst broadband providers in the UK. 

Who were the best broadband providers in 2020?

Overall, 85% of broadband customers said that they are satisfied with their service, with just 12% saying that they had a reason to complain about their provider. Have a look at the tables below from Ofcom showing customer satisfaction.

Plusnet customers reported higher than average overall satisfaction with their broadband service, despite having long waiting times on calls and a high number of complaints.

EE broadband customers were also largely satisfied with their overall service, as well as having very few complaints and extremely short call waiting times. They also had a high rate of customers satisfied with how their complaints were handled.

Who were the worst broadband providers in 2020?

TalkTalk customers were well below average with their overall satisfaction and their satisfaction with the reliability of their service. They were also unlikely to be happy with how their complaints were handled.

Despite average overall customer satisfaction, Virgin Media customers had long call waiting times and were also less likely to be satisfied with the handling of their complaints than the average customer.

Vodafone broadband customers had the most reasons to complain, with 115 complaints per 100,000 customers.

How are broadband providers ranked?

Every quarter, industry regulator Ofcom collects a survey of overall customer satisfaction, including factors such as satisfaction with customer service, satisfaction with the service itself and value for money. It also provides a breakdown of complaints per 100,000 customers for each major provider.

Remember that the ranking only provides a snapshot into the happiness of customers for each provider. It does not necessarily relate directly to how good their broadband service is, but can indicate when a provider is having more issues than normal. You must also remember that the complaints per 100,000 customers only shows you the number of customers who were so unhappy that they escalated their complaint to the regulator. There may actually be far more unhappy customers per 100,000.

These rankings do not mean you should necessarily switch broadband provider either. You may find that you have had no problems with your broadband service, but your provider is ranked badly by Ofcom. As long as you’re happy then there is probably no need to switch!


Danny Lord

Author: Danny Lord

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