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EE Broadband

EE was established in 2010 after the merging of T-Mobile and Orange, inheriting the an extensive 4G infrastructure as well as Orange’s broadband network.

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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Free and impartial

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Offers from over 15 providers

Offers from over 15 providers

Latest offers from EE Broadband in February 2021

What is EE?

In 2010, Orange and T-Mobile merged to form EE, one of the UK’s largest communications providers offering both mobile and home broadband connection. Now owned by BT, it is one of the ‘big four’ ISPs.

EE uses its parent company BT’s superfast broadband network, allowing it to offer a competitive range of home and Wi-Fi broadband, reinforced by its own 4G mobile network that covers 70% of the UK. It offers speeds of up to 67Mbps in most locations, and up to 300Mbps in others.

If you’re signed up to a monthly EE mobile deal, you can also get access to top quality home phone and TV extras, thanks to EE’s relationship with Apple TV. This includes stunning 4K-quality entertainment, including BT Sport.

What does EE broadband offer?

EE offer the full range of options, a range of broadband speeds, line rental, mobile phone tariffs and, more, recently a TV service. All of EE's plans are only available with a minimum 18-month contract, and this may worry some renters. But don't worry - you can take your EE broadband contract with you when you move home completely free of charge.

EE Broadband

EE offers standard broadband speeds up to 17 Mbps, anything faster than that and you will be looking at the fibre optic deals. There are two fibre options available, one up to 38Mpbs and the other up to 76Mpbs.

Upload speeds will begin at 1.5Mpbs if you opt for a standard broadband package and up to 25Mpbs if you go for fibre. Regardless of whether you go for the standard or fibre optic option, all EE’s packages have unlimited usage, meaning you will never have to pay more for exceeding your limit.

EE’s broadband deals also come with free premium subscription to Norton Security, this means you get free protection for up to 10 devices as well as 25GB of cloud storage data.

EE broadband packages:

With its access to BT’s superfast broadband network, EE offers a competitive range of broadband speeds. On top of that, they’re all very well priced when compared to similar packages across the market, and are available on minimum 18-month contract terms.

All packages come with a router as standard, either EE Bright Box or the EE Smart Hub, and unlimited downloads. You’ll also receive EE line rental too, which you can upgrade to a proper home phone package if you want.

Let’s take a look at the options.

  • EE Broadband: 10Mbps average speed. Using a standard ADSL copper wire connection, this is a relatively slow connection that will work for those only wishing to casually browse the internet and watch EE TV.
  • EE Fibre: 36Mbps average speed. This superfast fibre optic broadband package allows you to connect multiple devices at once, and stream and download at great speed.
  • EE Fibre Plus: 67 Mbps average speed. This is ideal for large (5+) family homes, or shared accommodation like student houses. With a speed like this, many people can stream, download and work online simultaneously.
  • EE Fibre Max 1: 145Mbps average speed. This is more suited to online gamers and people who stream and download super high 4K and HD quality content.
  • EE Fibre Max 2: 300Mbps average speed. There’s not much you can’t do with this sort of connection at your fingertips!

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Any EE broadband deal will come with a phone line which includes free weekend calls. There are upgrade options available if you wish to wish to include free weekday or international calling.

If you already have a mobile phone contract out with EE, signing up to an EE broadband deal with net you an extra 5GB of data to use every month free of charge.

EE Phone and Broadband packages

All EE broadband packages come with line rental included as standard. You can upgrade this to be a proper home phone package if you want, and here are the options available to you:

  • Line Rental Only: This is the standard line rental from EE, with pay-as-you-go calls.
  • Landline: Includes anytime calls to UK landlines
  • Landline and mobile: Anytime calls to UK landlines, and 1500 minutes to UK mobiles.
  • UK and international calls: Anytime calls to UK landlines, 1500 minutes to UK mobiles, anytime calls to landlines in 50 selected countries, and discount calls to landlines in the rest of the world.

You also get access to features including voicemail and Call Plus, which adds three-way calling, anonymous call rejection and call diversion.


As well as internet and phone services, EE have recently launched themselves into the TV market. It doesn’t have the same amount of services as some of the other broadband providers, having only 103 channels and limited catch up apps. It does have some perks however including a terabyte of storage and the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote.


Access to EE TV includes an Apple TV 4K set top box, allowing you to stream catch-up and on-demand TV including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Netflix and Amazon Prime. For an additional £5 per month, you get access to BT Sport too.

Will I have to pay for installation from EE?

EE have waived any up-front installation costs, meaning you won’t have to won’t have to pay anything apart from your tariff.

Will I have to pay line rental from EE?

Every EE broadband deal you can find will include line rental within the cost of the package, so although you will be paying for it, it won’t be an additional cost.

EE Routers and Connection:

All of EE’s broadband packages come with line rental and router as standard. Depending on the package, you’ll get a different router. Here’s what is available to you as an EE broadband customer:

  • EE Bright Box: This type of router is available to all standard broadband customer with an ADSL connection.
  • EE Smart Hub: Twice as powerful as the EE Bright Box, this router is reserved for fibre broadband customers, and is designed to provide multiple devices with high-quality internet connection simultaneously. It offers a range of management options, such as data use surveillance and limiting access on specific devices, which you can access simply by logging on with your computer. The router itself is also plug-in-and-go, so no need for an engineer, and it even fits through your letter box!
  • 4GEE Home Router: This connects to EE’s flagship 4G mobile network and can offer average speeds of 31Mbps throughout the home via Wi-Fi. It too is just a plug-in-and-go!
  • 4G Wi-Fi Mini Dongle: This nifty little device, weighing under 100g, can create a Wi-Fi hotspot for you on the move. It comes with a variety of data plans, from 2GB to 20GB per month, and will connect to up to 20 devices at once.
  • HTC 5G Hub: You can also opt for EE’s 5G hub, which uses the 5G mobile network in your area to provide unbelievably fast download speeds. This is subject to availability, though, because 5G doesn’t appear in all areas.


Do I need to get line rental with EE broadband?

All EE broadband packages require landline connection, for which you must pay a line rental. This is included in all of the packages as standard. However you don’t have to pay for landline call packages unless you want them.

Can I get EE broadband in my area?

Most probably. But use your postcode checker to see if you’re living in one of the few “not-spots”.

Do EE broadband packages come with free routers?

Yes. Depending on the package, you’ll either get the EE Bright Box or Smart Hub. Both are simple to install and don’t require an engineer.

How can I contact EE broadband?

  • Phone: You can call 0800 079 8586 from an EE landline, or 150 from an EE mobile, for free between 8am and 9pm on weekdays, and 8am to 8pm on weekends. Non-EE customers call 0207 362 0200 or 07953 966 250 during the same hours, though charges may apply.
  • Online: EE’s extensive online help forum should help you answer common queries.
  • Live chat: You can chat online to customer service advisors to help answer more challenging technical queries you have.
  • In person: With over 550 EE stores in the UK, you’re more than welcome to pop in and talk with a member of the team.

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*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google