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How to Cancel EE Broadband

Unhappy with EE broadband? Here's how to cancel

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How to cancel EE broadband

Switching broadband providers regularly is a good way to save money on your internet bills. Whether you’re moving house, are dissatisfied with the service, or just want a change, it is simple to cancel your broadband contract. How do you cancel and what might it cost to cancel your EE broadband contract?

How do I cancel EE broadband?

EE broadband packages generally run for a fixed term of 18 months minimum, which then automatically convert to rolling monthly contracts. Unless you are cancelling because you no longer require internet, make sure you have found a new internet service provider to switch to before you cancel your EE contract – it will make switching much easier.

Cancelling EE broadband is easy. When you decide to cancel, all you need to do is call 0800 079 0544. Bear in mind that you need to give 30 days’ notice before cancelling your broadband.

If you have EE TV, you will be sent a jiffy bag to return your EE TV box which you will need to return within 30 days, or you’ll be charged £175 on your final bill. You can keep your EE router, or recycle it at a local waste management facility.

Cancellation Fees

There are no cancellation fees if you cancel your EE broadband outside of the fixed-term contract length. However, if you wish to cancel your contract early then you may face early termination charges. The exact charge will depend on what contract you are under and the length of time remaining on your contract. There are a few ways in which you can cancel your broadband without a cancellation fee, even if you are within the minimum contract length:

  • You can cancel your contract within 14 days of signing up during the ‘cooling off’ period.
  • If your provider raises your monthly bill by more than inflation rises, then you can cancel without penalty within 30 days of the price change notification.
  • If you believe your provider has breached the contract and hasn’t solved your issues, then you may be able to cancel without penalty.

The early termination fees are prone to change so it may be good to check with EE at the time of cancellation how much of a fee you are facing. Find out more about the charges incurred by terminating an EE contract before the full term.

Can I cancel my EE broadband if it’s too slow?:

If you’re unhappy with your broadband speed, then you can take action to improve it. You may feel that you have paid for faster broadband speeds but still be getting bad internet at certain times. If you think that your broadband is too slow then here are the steps that you should take:


  1. Check your broadband speed with a broadband speed test, these are generally available on the internet and your broadband provider will also usually have one available on their website or mobile apps.
  2. If you discover your broadband speeds are slow then next you should check your contract to find out what the minimum speeds stated are.
  3. If you’re still unhappy you can contact your provider to see if they can help improve your internet speed.


Once you have followed this step-by-step process and you still aren’t satisfied, you may have grounds to complain or cancel your contract. Follow the standard complaints procedure and if nothing improves then you have the right to cancel your contract without a penalty and switch provider.