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About Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic began rolling out services in 2011 and are one of the few internet providers who only use fibre optic cabling. They are also the first company to claim to have implemented gigabit services to residents.

What does Hyperoptic offer?

Hyperoptic claim to be the UK’s fastest internet provider through the design and building of their very own network. As well as offering high speed internet they also offer phone lines as a standard.

They offer a great range of high speed fibre broadband packages, with speeds going up to 1Gb, but currently do not offer any television service.

All Hyperoptic broadband is fibre optic.

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Hyperoptic packages available now

Please note that all Hyperoptic broadband packages come with a phone line as standard

  • 30Mb fibre - This is Hyperoptic slowest offering, coming in at 30Mb it’s not bad for their most basic deal. Prices start from £19 a month for the first 12 months (£25 thereafter). This deal is best for simple PC use and Wifi devices.
  • 150Mb fibre - This is Hyperoptic mid-range package, with speeds of up to 150Mb. Prices start from £29 a month for the first 12 months (£38 thereafter). This option is great for streaming HD and online gaming
  • 1Gb fibre - This is Hyperoptic’s premium package and it offers the almost unheard-of download speeds of 1GB. Prices start from £49 per month for the first 12 months (£63 thereafter). This option is best for large scale online gaming and large files.

Hyperoptic boast arguable the fastest internet in the industry, with blistering top speeds of up to 1GB and self-proclaimed average speeds of 27x faster than the national broadband average. One of added bonuses of this company is that you get the same upload speeds as you do download speeds with the 150Mb or 1Gb package. Hyperoptic also offer packages with a monthly rolling contract, although these are the more expensive option.

They also offer broadband only packages without the phone line, they are slightly cheaper but also incur a small installation fee.


Hyperoptic offer phone lines as standard with their broadband packages by also offer the option of broadband only.

  • High speed fibre optic internet
  • Optional monthly rolling contract
Will I have to pay an installation fee?

You will only have to pay an installation fee of £40 if you opt for the broadband only option.

Will I have to pay for phone line?

Phone is included as standard in the broadband packages.

With Hyperoptic you can sign up for any of the following tariffs:

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Hyperoptic is ideal for: gamers, streamers, large families, film & tv fans, workers.