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How to Cancel John Lewis Broadband

Unhappy with your John Lewis broadband contract? Find out how to cancel your plan, and how to find a new one elsewhere.

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Cancelling your John Lewis broadband contract

With a market that’s continuously changing, it’s no surprise that people have made it a habit to switch to better broadband deals. If you have found that the John Lewis Broadband service no longer meets your needs, then right now, this may be you. But while changing providers mid-contract certainly is possible, there is a chance that penalty fees may apply. It’s important that you are ready to commit to these fees if you want a quick and hassle-free broadband switch or cancellation process.

Read on and we'll dig into exactly what your options are if you want to end your contract before it has expired.

When does my contract end?

Step one is to review your contract to see if you are still within the contract term and, if so, how many months are left before the agreement ends.

Most John Lewis broadband packages have a 12-month contract term. If you cancel before the 12-month period is over, you may face early cancellation penalty fees. If you want to avoid these fees, you’ll have to wait for your contract to expire before you cancel your subscription. Keep in mind, however, that if you are switching to a cheaper broadband deal, then you may still save even if you do have to pay early cancellation fees.

If you do not have a copy of your John Lewis broadband contract on hand, you can contact their support team to find out how long you have left on your current deal.

John Lewis customer support centre: 0800 022 3300

How do I cancel John Lewis Broadband?

Switching to another broadband service provider is easy. Your new provider will contact John Lewis on your behalf to action the move. They will also notify you once the switch-over has been made and they will update you on what the consequences of your service transfer are – for example, do you need to pay any early termination charges?

If you are cancelling your broadband access indefinitely, then you will have to contact John Lewis yourself to request the termination. Once again, you can contact the supplier via their customer support number 0800 022 3300 or you can send a letter to -

John Lewis Broadband

The Balance,

2 Pinfold Street,


S1 2GU.

You will need to give the provider 14 days' notice if you are moving to another broadband supplier or 10 days' written notice if you are terminating the contract for another reason.

Cancellation Fees

The John Lewis broadband cancellation fee will depend on the type of contract you have signed.

If you signed your contract before 10th December 2019, then the following calculation will apply:

  • Unlimited Package - £4.15 X remaining months of contract term
  • Fibre Package - £10.85 X remaining months of contract term
  • Fibre Extra Package - £12.18 X remaining months of contract term

For customers who signed up to a contract after 9th December 2019, early termination charges are calculated as follows:

  • Monthly charge;
  • Minus VAT;
  • Minus any service fees for the months remaining
  • Deduct 1% for early receipt of payment;
  • Multiply this figure by the remaining months.

Information about John Lewis's early termination fees can be found on their website


Can I cancel my broadband if John Lewis raises its prices?

As per the regulations set by Ofcom, consumers can end a broadband contract penalty-free if the supplier increases prices mid-term – but only if the new price is more than the RPI rate. However, you will need to send your provider your cancellation notice within 30 days of being told about the price increase.

To add, if your broadband provider has warned you about rises in their terms and conditions and they are in line with RPI, then they can still request an exit fee.

Can I cancel my broadband if it’s too slow?

If you find that your broadband speed is not as fast as the average speed you have signed up for, then this may be grounds for cancellation.

If you want to end a contract due to a slow connection without paying an early cancellation penalty, then you will first need to follow your broadband provider’s tech support procedure. This procedure includes an investigate into your connection to see if and why the speed is low. If the supplier does find a fault, then they will attempt to fix it. If they are unable to increase the speed to meet your contract terms, then they will allow you to cancel your contract for free.