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John Lewis Broadband Review

Is John Lewis broadband right for you?

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Our brief review of John Lewis Broadband

The good:

  • Trusted brand name

  • Good customer service reviews

  • No set-up fees

  • Free evening and weekend calls included as standard

  • Deals often come with reward cards

  • UK-based customer service team

  • Available in most UK locations

The bad:

  • Cheaper deals can be found elsewhere

  • Maximum download speed of just 66Mbps

  • No TV bundles

  • No broadband only options

  • Essentially a Plusnet reseller

  • No special offers for existing customers

  • Traffic management applies

John Lewis is a common household name in the UK. But while the brand is known more for its homeware stores than its broadband service, branching out as an internet provider has certainly added to the company’s good reputation. Consumers around the country are slowly choosing this broadband supplier over similar competitors. The question is - why?

Below, we’ll give you insight into John Lewis Broadband. We’ll highlight everything from the packages on offer to its customer service, and how it compares to other providers. Perhaps this review will give you the answers you need as to why this company is a viable ISP.

How we review providers

How we review providers

When reviewing a broadband provider, it isn’t just as simple as looking at the price and the speed they offer. There is much more to it than that!

There are a few things we look into when determining whether we recommend a provider or not. These include things like speed, price, router performance, customer service...

We go through each of these in more detail in the review, look at how well the provider performs for each, and then compare how the provider's advertisements compare with real world experiences as well as other providers.

All our reviews are genuine, unbiased, and written by broadband experts.

John Lewis Broadband speed review: How fast is it?

Many users are attracted to the simple no-nonsense broadband packages that John Lewis has to offer. The speeds are on par with most of the broadband providers who run their network using Openreach and are divided into three download speed options, namely: 10Mbps, 36Mbps, or 66Mbps. You also get unlimited downloads on all packages, so you can browse and download freely without worrying about being capped – which is always a bonus!




What may be important to note is that the 10Mbps packages run on ADSL while the 36Mbps and 66Mbps packages are fibre broadband options.

The three download speed options offer subscribers a good selection to choose from. For example, smaller households that keep internet usage to a minimum can get away with the cheaper 10Mbps package. On the other hand, larger households can enjoy a smooth connection when subscribing to one of the 36Mbps or 66Mbps deals.

If you are an avid online gamer or often have to email large files, then you will be pleased to discover that the fibre deals provide upload speeds of up to 19Mbs (depending on which package you go for).

But like we said – the speeds are pretty similar to what most broadband providers are offering (which, in essence, is a good thing).

John Lewis Broadband price review: How much does it cost?

While John Lewis’s broadband packages or not the cheapest, they’re not the most expensive either. Their prices conveniently sit somewhere in the middle of the market.

The provider offers 3 basic packages with no set-up costs or activation fees and each option comes with a standard 12-month minimum term contract. The packages are not standalone deals, however, but instead include the installation of a John Lewis phone line.

Let's see how John Lewis's broadband prices compare with those of it's rivals:

Deals John Lewis price BT equivalent package price Sky equivalent package price Virgin Media equivalent package price Plusnet equivalent package price
Unlimited Broadband (10Mbps) £19 £30.99 £30 N/A £18.99
Fibre Broadband (36Mbps) £24 £27.99 N/A N/A £22.99
Fibre Extra Broadband (66Mbps) £27 £31.99 £28 £28 £25.99
Free evening and weekend calls included as standard No broadband only options

*Prices correct as of 06/08/2021

Take note that early cancellation fees may apply. These fees will depend on the type of contract you have as well as how many unpaid months are left of your contract. For more info, read our guide on how to cancel John Lewis broadband.

What makes John Lewis Broadband stand out?

Because John Lewis takes a no-frills approach when it comes to their broadband service, the additional extras are also kept basic. But basic can be good – especially when your most important needs are taken care of.

Take security, for example. John Lewis likes to know that users are protected against hackers, viruses, and other cyber-attacks. That’s why all of their subscribers receive free basic BullGuard security. This anti-virus program gives you a firewall, malware and virus protection, parental controls, and so much more.

Other freebies include:

  • An email address - get a free email address with every package.
  • A Netgear WNR1000 Wi-Fi router – this router is sufficient for home use.
  • John Lewis broadband home phone plans – you can make calls for free anytime during the evening or over the weekend.

Another reason that makes John Lewis a stand-out option as a broadband provider is brand loyalty. Brand recognition is one of the supplier’s major strengths: they have a very long history, and people find that reassuring.

Availability: can I get John Lewis Broadband in my area?

John Lewis broadband is available to most areas across the UK and rural and remote locations pay the same as urban and central vicinities.

Use our postcode checker to see if John Lewis Broadband is available where you live.

Tech: Installation and equipment

As a broadband provider, John Lewis takes the cake for not adding any installation or activation charges to their contracts. Setting your connection up with them is also easy. Simply:

  1. Contact John Lewis and agree to one of their deals
  2. If you’re switching providers, John Lewis will contact your current supplier and arrange everything for you (unless you are with Virgin Media)
  3. If you don’t have a phone line installed, they will provide you with one (at an additional price)
  4. Next, you’ll need to wait for the delivery of your free router with instructions on how to set it up
  5. You’ll be notified once the entire set-up has been completed

* The installation or switch should take anywhere between 10 and 12 working days.

Customer experience: How is John Lewis Broadband rated by customers?

Customer service is what John Lewis excels at. Over the years, they have built an excellent reputation for delivering a system that ensures a pleasant customer experience in all avenues of their business.

As a customer, you will find plenty of offline and online support - including Service Status. The service status report will update you with details of any maintenance work or issues that might affect your service.

Many customers choose John Lewis because of its brand loyalty and dedicated customer base.