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Rated 5/5 on Trustpilot based on over 680 reviews
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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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Free and impartial

Free and impartial

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Offers from over 15 providers

Offers from over 15 providers

Best Now Broadband deals December 2020

Compare Now TV Broadband Deals

Known for their internet TV and video on demand services, NOW TV also offers broadband and landline packages, branded as NOW Broadband. Bundle these affordable broadband connections with entertainment passes, giving you access to content from the biggest matches to the most buzz-worthy TV shows, with the reliable and zippy internet to comfortably stream it all. And don’t worry if you change your mind. All of NOW TV’s broadband deals and entertainment passes are sold on a rolling, 30-day basis, so you’re not tied into anything for more than a month. But you can save money up front by committing to a 12-month deal, and still access NOW TV’s streaming pick-and-mix.

NOW Broadband key features

  • Offers competitive prices on enviable broadband, TV and phone bundles
  • No-contract broadband allows you to cancel any time
  • 12-month contracts also available to customers looking for something more secure
  • Standard ADSL and Superfast fibre optic broadband available
  • Great TV packages available, including access to Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and more.
  • On-demand content available to stream on TV, computers, smartphones, consoles, tablets and more.

NOW Broadband packages

NOW Broadband offers three great packages; Brilliant Broadband, Fab Fibre and Super Fibre, each are available both as 12-month contracts or on NOW’s flagship rolling one-month ‘contracts’. You get line rental included in the price, with pay-as-you-go phone use as standard. For a small monthly fee you can add unlimited evening and weekend or anytime calls.

As with any broadband package, the higher the speed the higher the cost. But be sure to only go for the deal that suits your needs, so you’re not paying unnecessarily high costs.

You should also note that the average speeds are just that, and so it might not reflect the real speed you get. Compare broadband deals in your area now to check availbaility where you live.

Thankfully NOW subscribes to Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice, meaning if NOW can’t meet their guaranteed minimum speed within 30 days, you can cancel your contract without incurring fees.

  • Brilliant Broadband: 11Mbps average speed. NOW’s standard ADSL broadband option uses copper cables to supply your property with connection. It’s the slowest type of broadband available, but it’s fine if you only want to surf the web and stream the occasional video.
  • Fab Fibre: 36Mbps average speed. This is aimed at online gamers and frequent video streamers who need constant access to high speed internet. It’s important to remember that, although it’s faster and more reliable than ADSL, you might not have access to the full 36Mbps.
  • Super Fibre: 63Mbps average speed. The fastest available option with NOW Broadband, this is aimed at larger homes where several users need to be streaming, downloading or gaming simultaneously.

You’ll want to choose a fibre connection if you’re bundling NOW TV television services your broadband, so you have adequate download speeds for seamless and unbuffered streaming.

But all NOW TV’s broadband packages come with unlimited downloads, meaning you’ll never have to curb your streaming or gaming or face additional fees for exceeding a data allowance.

NOW Broadband 30-day rolling contracts

NOW Broadband’s flagship 30-day rolling contracts are perfect for customers that require a little more flexibility than a 12-month contract. With a rolling contract you just pay each month that you want to use it, and you can stop any time, which is ideal if you’re living in your current address for a short period and don’t need to take the contract with you.

You can bundle in your NOW Broadband with monthly and daily NOW TV passes, that offer a similar level of flexibility, but with access to Sky channels.

Unsurprisingly, the trade-off for the flexibility is the price. A rolling broadband deal will mean more expensive setup charges, and the monthly cost will be slightly more too. You must also make sure to actively cancel the subscription when you need to, otherwise you might be stuck with unnecessary extra costs.

NOW Broadband Installation

Every NOW Broadband package includes a free NOW Broadband Hub 2 router, providing your home with dual-band wireless internet. There are an additional two 1GB LAN ports if you need them.

Mercifully, the hub doesn’t require an engineer to visit. Once it’s delivered, you just plug it in and connect it to your home’s master phone socket with the cables in the box, and away you go.

NOW Broadband speeds in your area

Broadband speeds differ depending on the infrastructure laid out in your area. Typically, people in urban areas have access to faster internet speeds, but not always. Use our postcode checker to see what kind of speeds you can expect to get from NOW Broadband.

NOW TV Phone Deals

All broadband packages from NOW TV come with line rental for a landline. Don’t worry about being hit with hidden fees for this service, however: under Advertising Standard Authority regulations, broadband providers like NOW TV have to include the line rental cost in the quoted price of your broadband deal.

You can buy calls on a pay as you go basis or opt or free evening and weekend calls for £4 per month, or free anytime calls for £8 a month. But NOW TV is usually running a promotion that waives the cost of landline services. Opt for the free anytime calls and pay nothing on top of your broadband deal.

NOW TV Channels

NOW TV is no longer just a streaming stick: with the launch of its set-top box, allowing you to pause and rewind live TV, it’s a full-blown pay TV service. Its partnership with Sky gives customers access to the TV mammoth’s compelling channels and content, including Sky Atlantic, the British home of American TV sensations like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies, and Sky cinema channels, packed with fresh premieres.

Don't know where to start? Want to try them all? Luckily, NOW TV makes it easy to sample from the TV buffet, with its entertainment passes, bought on a rolling, 30-day basis. With that low-commitment flexibility, you only pay for the channels you want, for as long as you want them. Need to tune into the latest Sky Atlantic import so you can keep up with the office and Twitter chat? Buy an Entertainment pass and cancel it after the series finale—or not, if you’ve gotten hooked on the rest of the fare. There’s even more flexibility with Sports passes, so you can tune it just for the big match or for the full season, and then cancel when the matches end.

Overwhelmed by choice? Take advantage of free seven-day trials of TV samplers to try them all and build an entertainment bundle that perfectly suits your household’s tastes.

Which channels can I get with NOW TV?

NOW TV currently offers five entertainment passes, purchased on a monthly basis, starting from just £3.99 a month:


14 channels specialising in must-see TV, from dramas to classic sitcoms. Comes with 11 channels that aren’t on Freeview: Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness, Sky Arts, Comedy Central, MTV, Gold, Vice, Pick, Challenge, Fox, Syfy, National Geographic Wild, and the Discovery Channel. Comes with more than 300 box sets on demand. £7.99 a month.


packages 11 Sky Cinema channels (Select, Greats, Sci-fi & Horror, Family, Premiere, Drama, Hits, Thriller, Action, Comedy, and Disney), with daily premieres and more than 1,000 movies on demand. You can download some films (excluding those from Disney and 20th Century Fox) to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and watch them on the go. £11.99 a month after a free seven-day trial.


11 Sky Sports channels, including Main Event, Premiere League, Football, Cricket, Golf, F1, Action, Arena, Racing, Mix, News). Watch across devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs—and even two at once, if your family has different sporting tastes. Daily passes are a one-time payment of £8.99, while a one-week pass will cost you £14.99. You can buy an automatically renewing monthly pass for £33.99 a month. On a budget and prefer to watch on your smartphone? Get a mobile monthly pass, with five channels (Premiere League, Action, Arena, Racing, and News), to be streamed on your mobile device, either Apple or Android. The pass costs £5.99 a month, on a rolling contract.


6 channels (Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Cartoonito, Nick Jr. and Nicktoons) along with thousands of on-demand episodes, of shows including Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, and Spongebob Squarepants, and box sets from Milkshake!, CBeebies, and CBBC. Shows can also be downloaded to Android and Apple devices and stored for up to 30 days. £3.99 a month after a free seven-day trial.


The hayu streaming platform specialises in American reality TV and the associated NOW TV pass gives you access to all the backstabbing and bachelors, with shows from Keeping up with the Kardashians to Vanderpump Rules. Watch thousands of episodes on demand, the same day they air in the US, and while away lazy Sundays with binge-worthy boxsets. £3.99 a month, on a rolling contract, with a free seven-day trial.

Perks and Fees

Will I have to pay for installation?

While you won’t have to pay to have a broadband line installed, you may need to pay an upfront ‘delivery fee’ at the beginning of your service. This will be a one-off payment of £60, for broadband packages bought on a monthly, rolling basis. There’s no setup fee for broadband contracts bought on a 12-month contract.

Will I have to pay for phone rental?

You will have to pay for line rental, but the cost is included in the sum quoted for your broadband package.

Alternatives to NOW Broadband

If NOW broadband isn't for you, there are a range of other providers that might be:


Does NOW Broadband include line rental?

Yes – all NOW Broadband deals include line rental as standard. For an additional cost, though, you can upgrade your phone deal to include evening and weekend or Anytime packages.

Is Netflix free with NOW TV Broadband?

No. If you’re interested in additional TV extras, you’ll have to get a TV and Broadband Bundle.

Our latest Now Broadband deals

*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google