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How to cancel NOW Broadband

Unhappy with your NOW Broadband contract?

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Cancelling NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband deals are attractive and reasonably affordable. There are still many reasons you may want to cancel. Whether your contract is coming to an end or you’re not getting the service you had hoped for you may be considering ending your contract.

Read on to learn how and when to cancel, how to avoid termination costs, and how to switch to a broadband deal that suits your needs.

When does my contract end?

You can find out when your NOW Broadband contract ends online.

To keep things simple, keep a note of when your deal started. Your contract will end 12 months after this date and you will be switched to a rolling contract. If you plan to leave your contract early you may incur cancellation fees.

If you signed up to NOW Broadband without a contract you can cancel any time without incurring a cancellation fee. However you must remember to cancel. Even if you don’t have a contract, NOW Broadband rolls on each month if it is not cancelled.

How do I cancel NOW Broadband?

You can cancel your contract easily by calling or emailing NOW Broadband, or accessing your account online.

You will need your account number for verification purposes. All 14 days to switch.

Call on 0333 759 4818. Or email at Allow 30 days to cancel.

Cancellation fees

Early cancellation fees are charged to any customer leaving NOW Broadband before the end of their 12 month contract. The cancellation process is the same but you will be charged a fee for each month remaining on your contract.

NOW do not charge a set fee so it will depend on your product and how long is left of your contract.

Your final early termination charge will be rounded up to the nearest 25p.

Find a new broadband provider

It is best to find a new broadband provider before you cancel. You want to move to something better and you won’t want a gap in your internet access.

Plus, comparing broadband deals can give you leverage with your current provider if you are happy with the service but not the cost.

The easiest way to find a broadband deal is to compare now with usave. We will help you find a deal that suits your speeds requirements for the best price. You can even compare broadband packages to find the best additional extras.


  1. Can I cancel my broadband if NOW raises the prices?

Rules set by Ofcom allow you to leave your broadband contract without paying the cancellation charges if your provider raises its prices mid-term. NOW is required to give you 30 days notice of any price increase and you can then cancel within the next 30 days.  

  1. Can I cancel my broadband if it is too slow?

You do not have a right to cancel for free due to download speed. NOW may allow you to cancel for free if you do not get their minimum guaranteed speed. NOW has not signed up to the voluntary broadband speed code of practice so leaving without penalty not guaranteed. It is possible NOW will release you without penalty, but you may have to pursue it as a complaint.